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Day 1 of 10
Free Abundance Training.
Love and Abundance is Yours!

Day 2 of 10
What’s holding your abundance hostage? If you said, Inner Conflicts, you’d be right!

Day 3 of 10
How limiting beliefs form and how to turn into powerful decisions.
I referenced tracking your abundance. Get it at

DAY 4 of 10 

PERFECTIONISM – Abundance Blocker… what it is and isn’t .. and how to shift to support your abundance!

Day 5 of 10 

Get back to love activates abundance

This is the powerhouse concept! Simple! You’re welcome.
Day 6 of 10 
Keeping the portals of Abundance flowing through Love
Love opens the flow to abundance…. Resentment restricts it. Let’s deal with that.
Day 7 of 10 
Solidifying Your Powerful New Beliefs

Day 8 The ONE thing everything has hinged on… we can talk about neurscience, psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality… but after all is said and done, there’s one that never fails me in my desire for peace, power, and prosperity. One thing.

Day 9 – Journaling has many benefits and uses. Watch this video to learn how to journal or enhance the journaling you do. To manifest and receive more of what you truly desire in life… come to my 30 Days to Abundance program… to lift you up, create more ease and flow in your life, and free you up… so you can manifest and receive what you truly desire in life.

Day 10 Taking action out of overflow or obligation? abundance or lack? love or fear? The energy behind your actions determines your results. Creating reality statements. A powerful prayer for you.