Are you an entrepreneur or professional who is dog tired from trying to figure it all out, wasting too much money on the next shiny object, or feeling alone with no one to help?

Get Your Life Back, Eliminate Worry, and Finally
Experience the Financial Freedom You Have Been
Longing For … in 30 Days or Less!

Discover a new path to abundance that goes beyond affirmations, grinding it out, or having the ‘perfect’ strategy and plan. Work less. Receive more.

Introducing The 30 Days to Abundance Video Immersion Program

After years of studying personal growth, income generation, and wealth building principles, as well as designing my own proprietary methodology for identifying limiting beliefs, I thought I had it all together.

And then disaster struck!

I’ve been a prosecuting attorney with a prestigious position, a corporate attorney with a private office ocean view, a counselor serving multiple church communities, and a stay home mom with a beautiful home on a mini estate.

And most recently, I’ve been a high-paid business and mindset coach to top
achieving performers speaking all over the country.

Besides having my own clients, I was the lead coach for a high level coaching firm. At one point between 2015-2016, I had 54 clients, 9 small groups, as well as plenty of invitations to be on podcasts and panel discussions. My intimate retreats in luxurious locations had become the go to event of the year.

Clearly, I was a somebody.

However, no matter how much I achieved, how many people wanted me, how many clients I had… I still had this nagging feeling it wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t enough.

And in 2016, the point was vividly proven. 

That was the year we moved across country from frigid western NY, to sunny Arizona.

My husband had a local business that we left, and once we settled, it was his intention, to start over. Knowing that would take time, we agreed I would be the bread winner for the next few months. It now felt like a “have-to” job with no choice.

For the first time in 6 years, I began to lose passion for my work.

As the months went on, I turned my attention to online strategies, so I didn’t have to travel as much. I was getting tired and needed some relief.

I invested a butt load of money to learn how to create funnels and Facebook ads. Maybe this was the holy grail I had been longing for. Automation. Plug and play. The dream of making money while you sleep, or better…play at the beach.

But instead of having more time and money, I reached a whole new level of tiredness, and it took me away from what had been working. Slowly but surely, my robust income started dwindling.

Something was broken and I didn’t know how to fix it.

And then – this sharp, excruciating pain in my husband’s middle back.

After 24 hours of attempted remedies, I took him to the hospital and there, discovered not 1, but 2 pulmonary emboli, followed by the statement, “It’s a good thing you brought him in when you did. This could have been fatal.”

Did you just say… FATAL?

Shocked at the possibility we averted, I looked to the heavens and thanked God for his healing power.

After about a week, Gene was released to continue healing at home.

Soon panic set in.

My contract with the coaching company had come to an end, with the principal deciding to shut down the operation altogether and go on sabbatical.

Meanwhile, my thriving bank account was near depletion.

As the month went on, I could see that if nothing miraculous happened, I would not have enough money to pay the rent. Quite frankly, I was losing motivation and focus to do much about it.

And then, only one month later, we rushed to the hospital where the doctors found a tumor the size of a walnut in my husband’s brain.

However, over the next few days, we saw the glory and mercy of God in a way we had never experienced. From the most desired brain surgeon in the area, who just happened to be on call, to the medical staff who held hands in prayer before the surgery, to the 4 hour surgery that actually only took 45 minute because the tumor just popped out unattached to anything. Though the diagnosis was 4th stage melanoma cancer with treatments to follow, we felt no fear. Within a week Gene was released, with absolutely no pain or side effects. Hallelujah!!

But now a new question arose:

How would I ever take care of my beloved hubby 24/7 AND my clients
AND keep bringing in new business?

If I felt tired and inadequate before, this was the zenith.

I had a massive meltdown.  No amount of positive thinking, affirmation quoting, or falling on my knees in prayer could console my disappointed heart and inability to even come up with a plan. Overcome with guilt, resentment, and loaded with self-pity, I shook my fist at God and screamed, “Where the f*ck are you?”

Broken hearted and lost, I shutdown into a puddle of tears.

But at 4 am the next morning, the answer that would change my life came. Like a brilliant flash of lightning, accompanied by a gentle, yet piercing voice, I heard, “Get back to Love, Maryann.”

I confess, I did not know what this meant. But I immediately felt a shift in energy. Arising and settling into my morning chair, I picked up my journal. Before another moment passed, flying out of my pen, memory after memory almost magically appeared. Not memories of failure, rejection, or abandonment… but memories of abundance and delightful blessings. Memories of God’s miraculous provision, memories of dreams coming true, beyond my wildest imagination.

As fast as I could recall them, I wrote them down… and as I did, this amazing thing happened… Love flooded every cell of my being and my aching heart began to elevate and expand. As love filled my heart, fear disappeared. Once again, I felt the transformational power of Love.

I could now vividly see the connection between love and abundance because, after this delightful love invasion, my attention was once again focused on our financial situation… only this time… rather than look bleak, shameful, and insufficient… it was filled with hope.

Though my bank acct had yet to change, I felt like a million bucks.

For the first time ever, I discovered that financial freedom is not related to how
much is in the account, but how free our hearts are when we look at it.

By focusing on miracle after miracle, I no longer felt abandoned and alone, but excited, full of joy, and transformed. Feeling totally loved, well cared for, and super grateful, I was able to see what I had not been able to …  I had been taken over by resentment and lies

Lies that I was on my own and all alone, an old mental loop from my childhood

Lies that I have to work like a dog to succeed, something I couldn’t do in this situation.

Lies that I can’t let down or I would lose my place in the race.

Lies that there even was a race.

If we don’t address the lies that were formed early on as defensive measures to protect us, we cannot live fully authentic, open hearted lives. This is the beginning of abundance, my friends.

Love is THE antidote to lack. And not only did I feel this in my heart, but within the day it was proven in our bank account.

First a favored client (um, they’re actually all favored, 😊) texted me to remind me that her renewal was due. Yes, in my pity party, I forgot that juicy tidbit.

There was nothing I needed to do but rest, relax, and receive:
my new abundance.

Later that same day, another favored client who already paid me a good chunk of change for the year, sweetened the pot with a love gift, and by the end of the day, over $10K was credited to our account, by the end of the week $20k. Within a short time, over $50K, and thousands and thousands more to follow, whether from gifts, creative ideas, renewals, or random checks in the mail.

Besides finances just showing up, sometimes out of nowhere, this profound peace and abundance gave me the freedom to love and serve my husband through all the hospitalizations and treatments with great joy and high vibe energy.

As the year went on, my husband would be hospitalized for brain bleeds, seizures, pneumonia, near death dehydration just to name a few occurrences. I would spend countless nights on guard, being his eyes and ears as beleaguered nursing staff did the best they could.

And, as the year continued to go on, without even focusing on earning it, money would continue to flow in abundance. At one point, getting random checks in the mail was becoming common. No less thrilling, but common. I recall squealing, Money Loves Me!!

Little did I know that important keys to abundance were being granted to me.

As I focused on love and caring for my husband, stayed in gratitude, and learned how to relax and receive, more money and favors and ideas came to me. Within a few months, tens of thousands of dollars filled our bank account, giving us a nice surplus by year’s end.

I no longer stressed about the business or how I would get more clients, but just acted upon the ideas God gave me, trusted in His provision, and received the abundance that magically appeared. It wasn’t that I didn’t get out there and speak, but the energy of love worked for me, attracting the right people to work with me in just the right way.

A year later, despite a grueling year of treatments and energy loss, Gene was given a clean bill of health. I felt released to go back to work full time.

Not wanting to get back into the lack and grind mentality, I stayed in love, and determined my business would be founded on this powerful force.

Why couldn’t the same principles of love and abundance work in the marketplace as it did while caring for my husband?

Within the month of returning to my business, $8000 of new business came in by me just showing up at one event where I was just helping a friend out. Within 2 months, another $35000. Then another $90000. And the best part, it was so effortless and fun.

Knowing I had to share these principles and practices of love and abundance with other entrepreneurs who were caught in the trap of working too hard and trying to figure things out, I created a class called…

The 30 Days to Abundance Video Immersion Program

Through that class, breakthrough upon breakthrough occurred:

Women who had been stuck with an idea for a business finally got it off the ground.

Others who had plateaued or been bumping their head against the proverbial ceiling broke through to new levels of financial abundance.

People who had been caught in the psycho-cybernetic loop of lies and past programming were elevated to new fulfillment and freedom.

Long awaited dreams came true.

I was ecstatic that love and abundance wasn’t just for me, but for anyone who would dare to relax and receive.

I never planned on turning the Live course into a self study, but one of the participants loved it so much that she offered her team to design and create a guide to accompany the coaching calls.  Hence the program you see now.

As time has passed, I have continued to gain new insights into the power of love and its connection to prosperity. Business is no longer a way to earn a living, but serve powerfully, share my gifts, and fulfill my calling. I work less and receive more.  It’s only when I revert back to old ways that worry enters and the flow is choked off.  It can be the same for you,

Resting, relaxing, and receiving the power of love is the secret to
success, the gateway to our new abundance, and the way to
experience heart swelling emotional and financial freedom.

As easy as that sounds, decades of negative experiences have convinced us this must be hard. But I have found that creating an abundant mind and heart through the power of love can be a lovely, joyfilled experience, rather than a difficult, grueling one. Indeed, my 30 day immersion program is just that. How often people showed up day after day just to catch the energy and joy that radiated on the calls!

30 Days to Abundance

Video Immersion Program

with Maryann Ehmann

Here is just a taste of what you’ll experience and learn during the 30 Days of Abundance…

Bask in the contagious energy of love and joy

How to trust when all hell is breaking loose

How to tap into infinite wisdom so decision making becomes easy

My signature proprietary process that quickly identifies false beliefs that are sabotaging your abundance

A proven technique that will take you from exhaustion to exhilaration in less than 30 minutes.

How to easily manifest what you desire, instead of tolerating whatever life throws at you

How to find your center and act out of alignment so that whatever you do prospers

How to change limiting beliefs into new empowered ones so you are not run ragged by your subconscious, but confidently create your own reality

How to simply merge neuroscience, quantum physics, and spiritual principles to transform your wildest dreams into reality.

How to monetize your passion and finally create your lifestyle business

How the power of love leads you to your soul mate clients and attracts them to you faster than any other method

3 tools to clear resistance so your ideal clients can easily find you and refer you to others

How to gain brilliant clarity about your client’s challenges and hidden desires so you can articulate it until they raise their hands and say, “That’s me!”

Why your story matters and how it magnetizes your perfect audience

Common myths about money and how the truth brings more prosperity and fulfillment

How to embrace your true value and worth without feeling like a fraud

How God feels about prosperity so you can receive yours guilt free and without hesitation

A love-based approach to your business that will connect you easily with just the right opportunities

The one thing you have to do first so you can release the power of affirmations

How people pleasing sabotages your abundance, freedom, and joy and how to create win/win relationships instead

How to identify and resolve low energy guilt, shame, and resentment so your abundance is not hindered and limited.

I, and those who have taken this course, have:
Received random checks in the mail

Acquired a gorgeous home by the beach… a 20 year dream realized

Been treated to an all expense paid trip to a luxurious resort – anonymously!

Attracted high end clients out of “nowhere,” even after years of no activity

Doubled their monthly income without changing anything, except beliefs!

Discovered their purpose and are now living it, on stage!

Been relieved of a long time, painful health issue

And these are just a few of the results!

Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have been so fortunate to witness magical transformations within my clients, which have produced magnificent breakthroughs in finances, health, and relationships. Indeed, some shifts occurred so fast that students have called it miraculous!

This Video Series Includes:

1. 22 Love-Empowered Videos with Step by Step Instructions

2. Downloadable PDF Worksheets for Each Video with Time Stamped Topics. 

Most of the lessons reveal my signature processes only shared with my high level 1:1 clients!


Here’s a sampling of what you will learn!

Day 1: Overview and Training. Abundance is available to us all. Why then do we not all have it? Learn how and why our beliefs create our reality. Identify your limiting beliefs in this step by step process.

Day 2:  Transforming Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Ones. Many people talk about limiting beliefs, but few lead you through a proven process of transforming them! This video is right on time!

Day 3: Manifesting Secrets. Manifesting what you truly desire requires certain simple and easy to incorporate elements.

Day 4: The Power of Decision. This is not what you think! Learn the transforming distinction between the decision ABOUT versus the decision TO DO, and how it affects your abundance.

Day 5: Freedom from People Pleasing. Believe it or not, people pleasing can sabotage your abundance! Learn how to shift this without guilt or shame!

Day 12: Upgrade Your Money Mindset: We all have money stories we grew up with. These lessons help you identify yours, but also tackling them successfully.

Day 18: Freedom from Resentment: You don’t need to be a martyr. Learn how to give of your resources from overflow, not obligation!

Day 22: Dream Clients: If you are in business, attracting your dream clients, rather than hunting them down, is so much more pleasant. In the next few lessons, you will learn a proven method of releasing resistance and being a client magnet.

Day 25: Your Big WHY: Everyone has a story, and locked within it, is our big Why. Y26our Why matters and is magnetic! Discover yours.

Day 26: Get Back to Love. Get Better Results: Feeling loved is key to everything. It is a powerful force within each of us. Learn how to tap in.

And so much more!!!

How Much Is Abundance in Every Area of Life and
Business Worth to You?

Private coaching clients invest up to $35,000 to work with me.  Besides the peace of mind and joy they experience, everyone, without exception, clears up false beliefs and expands their hearts in order to  open the floodgates to their abundance.

But I know private coaching is out of range for most people, at least at this time. 

I debated on how much to charge for this.  The course includes over 50 hours of my time, and that includes only preparation and the videos themselves.  It doesn’t even include all the daily bonus PDFs and all the time I and my team invested putting those together. This equals at least $50000 in Value.  

But my goal is to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

Living in daily abundance changes EVERYTHING!  From your attitude to your income…and everything in between.

Normally, you can get the entire course plus all the bonus PDFs…30 days of transformation to every area of your life…for just $1799. But for now, so I can get this into the hands of as many people as possible, (truly! I don’t say this as a marketing ploy) I have reduced the price by 90% to $179.

Break that down across 30 days and it adds up to only $5.96 per day. However, when you consider this will change your life and you have lifetime access…. it becomes just pennies.

Get your life back, eliminate worry, and finally experience the financial freedom you’ve been longing for.

You deserve it.

Click one of the big buttons below now…

Claim your copy of 30 Days to Abundance now.

PLUS If you act now, you receive 2 additional bonuses.

BONUS #1: Lifetime access to the Love-Empowered Success Private Membership Site.

In addition to the 30 day Abundance Program, you can participate in LIVE coaching in our private FB group where other like-minded entrepreneurs hang out!  Twice a month I teach and coach mindset, spirituality, and solid business practices.

Value – Invaluable, but most people in the group have paid anywhere from $97 to $30000 to be in it, depending on when it was offered. You will get this free for the lifetime of the group.

BONUS #2: Destined to Prosper, 3 part audio and downloadable worksheets.

Not being sure of God’s plan for your prosperity, can make you wondering, double minded, and insecure. It’s easy to be confused with all the contrary information going around. This study will settle the issue for you and invite the portals of prosperity to open on your behalf!

Value – $49

BONUS #3: 30 Day Abundance Tracker.

Track Your Abundance for 30 Days … and Watch Your Abundance Grow Plus…
Free Instructional Audio & Daily Encouraging Tips To Increase Your Abundance

Value – $49

Don’t Decide Today…Try Out “30 Days to Abundance” For 30 Days With a Full Money Back Guarantee

Claim instant access to the 30 Days to Abundance Video Immersion Program now.

Go to the membership site as directed.

Download the pdfs that accompany the videos

Watch the videos

Feel the immediate elevation in your energy

If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied for up to 30 days, just contact my support staff. There’s nothing to return since the course is fully digital. I personally guarantee you a full refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No problems at all.

And you get to keep the 30 Days to Abundance PDFs as my gift to you for giving it a try.

How can I afford to be so generous? I’ve worked one-on-one with clients for years now…and I’ve seen the results my methods produce in their mind, heart, and bank accounts. I’m confident you will notice and see the magic of this program.

Think about it. How will it feel knowing you have the Power to Access Abundance anytime you want?

So, here’s what you get in the 30 Days to Abundance package…

22 online videos totaling 22 hours of content

Audio versions of each video, perfect for taking with you and listening to on the go

Written summary of that day’s video content, outline, and specific exercises that make it easy to implement abundance into your life.  Delivered as a PDF so they can be used easily on any computer or digital device

Time to implement and process transformation with guided exercises every 5 days.,

Abundance Tracker for tracking all the blessings and miracles that occur in your life so you can stay focused on abundance rather than lack

Lifetime access to the clients only membership site and Facebook group where you can interact not only with other Abundance participants but even with my private clients as well.  Encourage and inspire each other to even greater abundance. This alone is worth more than the price of the entire package.

Destined to Prosper 3 Part Audio series with downloadable pdfs to reinforce what you are learning

Here’s What Others are Saying About Me…

Each Negative, Unproductive Belief GONE!

When I first met Maryann I had big dreams but was pretty sure I didn’t have what it would take to attain them. In the time we’ve worked together, she has taken each negative, unproductive belief I’ve had that were keeping me stuck and interfering with my prosperity, held it up to the light, and helped me get rid of it. My attitude about everything has changed. It feels like being untethered from weights I have dragged around for years. My business has taken off, and I’m the happiest and most appreciative I’ve ever been.! Debbie McCormick, Linked Expert

Allow Ourselves to Be Sculpted into a Grand Vision

I recommend everything about Maryann. She bridges the imagined gap between spirituality and money, and she manages to do it without diminishing either, indeed, her teaching expands both! Her colorful stories, her effervescence, her spontaneity, take us on a journey without an ounce of tedium.

She speaks about alignment, becoming aware of our inner thoughts, and incorporating who we are at our deepest level and allowing ourselves to be sculpted into a grand vision that incorporates our highest manifestation. Through working with her, my business has increased, my prices have increased, and the quality of people I am attracting has very much increased!  I am having a ball living out my passion. I recommend Maryann as a necessary companion to joyful growth and expansion in every sense of the word. J Leslie Sharp, Musician, Coach, Producer (30 Day to Abundance and membership client)

Identified and Changed Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding Me Back

Working with Maryann was a turning point for me. I love her ground of being. She uses common sense and is grounded in reality. I felt overwhelmed by decades of having white knuckles from trying to reach my goals. She showed me how to relax and enjoy abundance now. Through her program I learned how to identify and change limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. My life has been devoted to self development, but these were so deeply buried that nothing had dislodged them yet. Maryann came into my life shortly after I signed up to do a one-woman show, something that was WAY beyond my comfort zone. It got rave reviews! Miracles, upgrades, and abundance continue to pour in.  I am grateful beyond words. Janus Laughingbear Blume (30 Day Abundance program)

Creates Abundance in My life!

I love working with Maryann! She has been a huge support in my mind shift and in letting go of old beliefs! I highly recommend her! She covers spirituality to finances which is important in my life!

The 30 day program was also amazing with fabulous Facebook Live sessions and one on one sessions to share with the group! Now I look at my credit cards and P&L statements and no longer stress out! Positive thinking and coming from love creates abundance in my life! 💕💕 Clara Berta, Artist, Berta Art Studio

Only 3 days after implementing just one of Maryann’s strategies, a precious dream that I’ve had for over 12 years came true!!  I cried!

I invested in one of aMaryann’s programs and it changed my life! She helped me identify the root reason for what has been getting in the way of completing my goals and what I desire most. Being clear about what I wanted to achieve was a breakthrough in itself, but then to put an inspired plan together for my increased income goals that I can actually achieve with her accountability is huge! But even more, after implementing just one of her strategies, a 12 year old dream I have longed for came true!! Maryann is such an inspiration to me!! Benelly Curioso, Certified Medical Interpreter

After Maryann identified subconscious blocks and actionable strategies, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap!”

I highly recommend Maryann Ehmann as a mentor. Lasering in on your blind spots so you can see them is her specialty. But she doesn’t stop there. Maryann is not only a master at bringing to the surface subconscious blocks, but coming up with actionable strategies for helping you moving forward quickly.

After working with Maryann I had the opportunity to present the real authentic me in my presentations. She gave me the tools I needed to stay elevated and on track. And by opening up the flow, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap. I am truly grateful for her commitment to helping me see what I needed to see. My mind frame has changed about pretty much everything and continues to! Dr. Patty Malone, President, Clear Communications Institute,