Love-Based Abundance Kit Breaks the Cycle of Scarcity, Relentless Worry, and Overwhelm Plaguing Entrepreneurs and Professionals…

“Rewires Your Brain to Receiving Abundance in 30 Days Or Less”

Your Kit Includes:

Easy Abundance Tracker creates abundance mindfulness in just a few minutes a day… attracting more money, opportunities, resources, love, adventure, and fun.

High Vibe 30-Day Inspiring Emails open you up to new ideas and creativity…giving you new income opportunities, gifts, and success in every area of life

My Proven Personal Case Study of how I went from sitting in a puddle of tears with no clue of which way to turn…to a place of hope and money flowing in from surprising directions.

Master, Dream Activator, and Income Strategist


In less than 30 days one of my abundance tracking proteges experienced wonderful changes…

For years, she wanted to write a book, but too many doubts kept her from taking it seriously. With abundance growing in her heart and mind, she finally took inspired action.

The belief that no one would pay her for her passion and dream shifted to, “What I have to offer is highly valuable and can even change a life!” But even more, she signed up her first $10K paid client.  

And the icing on the cake…. a business associate offered them his vacation home in a luxurious location, FREE OF CHARGE, for a weekend away!


Challenging your hidden money beliefs and being open to thinking differently PLUS Tracking Your Abundance, opens creativity, income opportunities, and even gifts!

Creating abundance is not about working your tail off but ridding yourself of the blocks to the already existing supply and then…

Shift Your FOCUS to Receive Abundance!

Listen, I get it!

As a successful business owner who prided herself on her high performance and work ethic, my dirty little secret was, I was becoming exhausted. I took every opportunity, program, and conference presented to me.

The thing is, I was making good money, but the effort it took was taking its toll on me. I wondered if this was the only way. If so, how long could I last? The harder I tried, the more I stressed I became.

Something was broken and I didn’t know how to fix it.

Did I mention that we had just downsized from 6000 sq ft of space, moved across country in the dead of winter, into a 2 BR apt in AZ and … while I was trying to figure this all out, my husband’s health had taken some mysterious twists which ultimately resulted in a brain tumor and 4th stage cancer?

A few days after his surgery, which was actually miraculous by all accounts, I had the meltdown of my life.

Faced with the reality of taking care of him 24/7 AND keeping my business afloat, I screamed out at God and shut down into a puddle of tears. That night I went to bed lost and broken hearted with no clue which way to turn

At 4 am, my answer came when I heard the Voice… Get back to Love, Maryann

Not knowing what this meant, I arose and went to my morning chair, waiting for some kind of divine download.

But it actually came in the form of memories… not memories of failure, rejection, or abandonment… but memories of abundance and dreams coming true. 

As fast as I could recall them, I wrote them down… and as I did, this amazing thing happened… my heart began to elevate and expand. My financial situation which had looked totally bleak and accusing became filled with hope.  

 Though my bank acct had yet to change, I felt like a million bucks.

By focusing on miracle after miracle, I no longer felt abandoned and without hope, but free, excited, full of joy, and transformed. Feeling totally loved, well cared for, and super grateful, abundance magically flowed within. 

If that wasn’t enough… through a variety of surprising directions, money began to flow in immediately, $10K by the end of the day, another $15K by the end of the week!

Like a bolt of lightning, I realized all my (stress producing) efforts had been aimed at fixing something I perceived as broken. I had been trying to do things out of my comfort zone that were not aligned … all coming from a place of lack and scarcity. Eventually, my focus on lack created relentless worry, and my usual positive attitude turned sour, disgruntled, and skeptical.  I felt so alone.

This profound breakthrough gave me the freedom to love and serve my husband through all the hospitalizations and treatments with great joy. To boot, we had a surplus of funds to help us.

Nevertheless, I knew how easy it was to slip back into depression, so… to keep my joy elevated and my stress at a minimum, I tracked every cent of money and every favor and good thing extended to us. 

I used my own mindset tools to keep my head on straight and spiritual practices to keep my heart wide open. More financial miracles happened, more gifts and favors, and after a year, the best of all, my husband was given a clean bill of health.

Over the last few years since then, I have done little else to attract new clients and generate more money other than ~

stay in a state of love and abundance through focused attention,

keep on improving my craft (always a joy for me), and 

sharing my message from my heart and with joy. 

I know without a doubt, abundance comes more easily and effortless than we think. To help you, I created the Love-based Abundance Kit. It’s yours for the taking!