So, here’s my question to you…. do you feel well cared for?

Or do you often feel like you have to do everything yourself… that you can’t really trust anyone… really … to take care of you, or provide for you, or do it like you do?

Are you someone who is always there for others, but you often wonder if anyone is there…. for you?

Well, I totally understand. This was how I moved through the world. Coming from a background of abuse, abandonment, and discrimination, the only one I thought I could really count on was me.  People depended on me at an early age, and without realizing it, I accepted the set up for a life of stress.

When I became a prosecuting attorney, a position with all the power, prestige, and position I could ever want, I realized that “I” wasn’t enough.

Confusion led to uncertainty, which led to discouragement, which led to non-functioning depression. Worry began to dominate my existence in a way it never had.

That was when my life was invaded by the God of Love.

One day, without me even asking, God entered my heart, soul, and body, and took over in a most electrifying, elevating, and exhilarating manner that left me completely undone.

I let God love me and my life has never been the same.

Over the years, I have seen many miracles, and despite this, and that original massive heart invasion, I have still tended to doubt God and His goodness toward me.

Just being honest here.

But one thing is clear, when I come to Him, and just let Him love on me, the fears, concerns, and worries dissolve and even disappear. I’m not just comforted, I am cared for. My needs get fulfilled, solutions come to mind, and … even… checks come in the mail!

You may already have a relationship with the Father, but you may still not always feel well cared for.

You may often, secretly, wonder… where are you, God? Don’t you see my pain, my need, my situation?



Well, let me assure you. He is there, and He wants to love on you, embrace you, and smother you with His love… without condition, without reserve.

This to me, is the most significant tip I can give you to live a life free of worry. It is your path to freedom and fullness.