God never intended us to be hand-wringing worriers.

Rather He created us to be wise, free, and even wealthy Warriors!  We are meant to rule and reign, here in this life, as kings through God.(Roman 5:17 AMP)

Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries, One of My Favorite Warriors. Her Weapon is Love

Have you embraced your strong,  confident, Warrior Identity?  A warrior knows who she is, where he’s going, and is assured of all resources available to her in accomplishing her mission.

She is swift, surefooted, and stable.

Did you know that self-doubt about your competency, adequacy, and significance is the primary culprit behind worry?  Have you taken a stand against the lies in your head, or those hurled at you by outside forces… lies that oppose who God says you are?

Do you realize you have success coded into your DNA, spiritually and physiologically? You know, we don’t need to chase success and abundance... we just need to know, see, and embrace that which we already have and let it expand! 

One of the reasons why we don’t experience the success we are meant to have is because, well… we just don’t know it’s for us.

Plain old ignorance can keep us down. (Please don’t mistake ignorance with stupidity! It merely means not having knowledge of the truth!) 

We can also be ignorant about the lies in our head. We may perceive those thoughts that rummage around, like constant white noise, as the truth.

But truth is to set us free, not make us feel low and insignificant!  We may know God is a big, generous, loving, and abundant God, and in Him there is no lack… but somewhere within our mind we may have been conditioned to believe we aren’t worthy or qualified for it.  Some lie is opposing us. 

May I suggest you welcome the exposure of those lies? Even ask God to bring them forward from the deep caverns of your mind!

I encourage you this week to take the time to become aware of the thoughts you think, mostly about you. Carry a notebook around so you can write them down. (By the way, these thoughts are usually evident when you are doing other things.)

Once you see these thoughts in black and white, ask yourself… do these thoughts make me feel more at peace? Joyful? Confident? Free? Remember, it’s truth that sets us free.

After you write down these thoughts, call a spade, a spade… and write the word LIE over it.


NEXT….. and this is critical to mind renewal….

on the other side of the paper, write the TRUTH: “I am significant in this world. I matter and was created to bring my own unique personality, purpose, and light to a world that needs me. I don’t have to apologize for being me.”  Train you brain to recognize lies versus truth!

Embrace the truth… about YOU! It will set you free!  Joshua 1:8, says that when we meditate on God’s truth, we will have prosperity and good success.

When we meditate on lies…well that’s worry. 

So, stop meditating on what you are not,

and start meditating on who you are:

Significant. Capable. Worthy. Magnificent.