May this week be one in which you feel immersed in peace, productivity, and passion!

In our quest to realize our goals with less stress and more joy, especially since we are heading into a new year…. here is principle #3: (For principles #1 and 2, click here. )

Principle #3

Set goals that align with and support your purpose, personality, passion, and prosperity.

One size does not fit all.  You are a unique individual.

That is such an obvious thing to say, but the way we go around comparing ourselves to everyone else, you’d think we didn’t know that.

Indeed, we often spend so much time and energy thinking about our negative characteristics and how they are lacking compared to someone else, that there is little time or inclination to take a positive inventory about who we really are or what we REALLY want out of life. 

But if we are not aware of and do not embrace who we are, our passion and purpose, then our goals will be quite arbitrary. There will be no real commitment, connection, or joy to support and fulfill them.

Our goals are best served when they fit our personality, preferences, purpose and passion.

For the past 5 years I have had a conference. Because the desire to have this conference was so strong, I assumed God was behind it, but I sought His counsel to confirm. After getting the go a-head, I set the wheels in motion, secured the locations, sent out the invites, and prepared the material – among a zillion other things that go along with making these things happen.

you-are-uniquely-youYou may or may not know this, but popular marketing advice is: it isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. It isn’t about what you desire, it’s about what they desire. This sounds noble, and even biblical …. but God has shown me something contrary:  if my goals do not have my desires in mind, as well as my personality and preferences, then I will not deliver my best self to my audiences. I will be doing something I was not designed to do.  I must not override me, but allow the true me that God created to flow freely. My goals need to reflect this important consideration!

That is why I pick out lovely, luxurious locations. That is why my events are highly intimate, inspirational, and interactive.  That is why I like to create a restful, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. I, personally, thrive in those environments.

Will a Motel 6 on a busy highway do? Maybe for some, but not me. This has been a toughie for me.   By being honest with myself and honoring the true me that God made, I am honoring Him.

boulder up hill

Will everyone be drawn to me or my events? Absolutely not! But is that the point? The more I reveal me, the easier it is for those with whom I am to work to find me. We are not meant to be with or work with everyone… just those with whom God is assigning and aligning.

Much less stress. Much more joy. Extreme productivity.

I know this example doesn’t apply to all people reading this post, but the point is – whatever your goals, they must be aligned with who you are and what gives you energy, rather than depletes it, or else you are pushing a giant boulder uphill, and after a while, that gets exhausting.


Your goals are more effectively fulfilled if they fit your PURPOSE.

The other factor that is critically important to goal setting is that it be in the context of your purpose. Everything Jesus did was aligned with His overall purpose. His goals had purpose.

why hereYou have a purpose. There is a reason why you are here on this earth.

Do you know what it is?

Despite all the information and encouragement to discover this, most people drift through life not having a clue. Or there might be a hint of awareness, but nothing to really bank on.

This lack of clarity and certainty produces great insecurity, apathy, or futility in a person’s life.  I dare say, without a clear sense of purpose, goal setting is like a shot in the dark.

Nowadays, God is shifting this big time. It is easier these days than ever to uncover why you are here. God has positioned many people to help with this. So if you are not sure, reach out to someone skilled and experienced and save yourself a lot of time and energy.


And finally, your goals are meant to prosper.

i-pray-you-will-prosperGod created you to be a person that prospers in every way. By thinking big (principle #1), consulting with Him (principle #2), and setting goals that align with who you are and why you are here(principle #3), the likelihood of you prospering (body, soul, spirit, emotionally, financially, etc)  is much greater.

My first event prospered in every way, but financially. We all had a blast and everyone went home enriched. I had no expectation of prospering financially, and indeed, had a lot of conflict inside about even charging.

But if I am to continue doing the work for which I was created, prospering in it would ensure I continue!  But I wasn’t there yet. I needed to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I learned how to change my belief system to something freeing which did not in any way violate my values. Now, if my goals relate to business, I know how to make what I do prosper without all the internal strife I used to put myself through.

So, there you go.

Principle #3

Set goals that align with and support your purpose, personality, passion, and prosperity.


maryann-crown-bullet-squareNext time I’ll be addressing goal setting/getting Principle #4:  Set goals that have specific outcomes with specific time frames, and the mindset shift you need to do this!

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