how-to-hear-God's-voice_thumbIn my last post, I left you with the concern I often hear, “But, Maryann, I don’t really know how to consult with God, hear His voice, or feel comfortable in His presence.”

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this! If this is you, you are not alone!

Principle #2 recommends you consult with God, which in and of itself can produce some anxiety rather than freedom and joyful anticipation!

Maybe you are someone who has tried to hear from God, and got nada. Maybe you heard Him in the past, acted on it, but things didn’t work out so well.  Maybe you feel guilty about something and are afraid of what you might hear. Maybe you are disappointed or even mad at Him. 

Check within. Any apprehension about seeking God has something behind it. There’s a valid reason. Don’t judge yourself for it, just be open to seeing what it is. Begin Principle #2, Consult with God, by consulting with Him about your reluctance, if you have any!

You think God doesn’t know anyway? smiley-face  He’s well aware. Do business with Him. He wants to show you a new way of doing life by having intimate conversations with Him about what you want in life. The stress it relieves is amazing! It will relax you, free up your creativity, your intuitive flow, and even attract the things you desire to you!

To have extraordinary results, you need extraordinary faith. And the best way to release that is to hear from God. So I encourage you, if you are unsure how to hear from God, make it one of your first goals. Tell God that you want to be able to hear His voice and get His direction, and you aren’t budging until you do. Put a stake in the ground.

God is into expanding and enlarging you and your prosperity. He won’t think you are pushy. He will think you are hungry. And you know what He does with hungry people? Feed them!


The bible says that God rewards those who seek Him diligently. You don’t have to do it perfectly, just eagerly! The lines are open, so pick up the phone!

One great way to access God within is by journaling. Write letters to Him, asking, “Lord, what do you have for me in 2014?”  Then be ready to write down what you sense without judging it! You can check out what you hear later with a trusted adviser or friend, but for now… just write.

“How can I know it’s God?”

One of the best ways to know it’s God is by the feeling of energy of life, love, or light. There is a shift in your heart and mind. A lightness to your soul. You see where you didn’t before. Hope emerges. Confidence arises.

Sometimes we wonder … was that me? Was that God? And uncertainty causes us to dismiss it. Doubt steals your word, and back to spinning in circles you go.

Trust the voice you hear inside. God lives in you. He speaks through YOUR thoughts! If it’s life-giving, it’s God. If it’s filled with dread, fear, and condemnation… not God! (There are those rare occasions where a warning light goes off, but I’m not talking about that.)

maryann-crown-bullet-squareNext time: Principle #3 –Set goals that align with and support your purpose, personality, passion, and prosperity. Goals are best achieved in this context! One-size does not fit all!

Any questions or comments, please feel free to give them below.