Destined to Prosper


3 Part Audio Series

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It’s Time to Tell the Truth —

How You FEEL About the Word “Prosperity”

 Determines How Much Flows Into Your Life! 

Being Conflicted and Unsure Undermines Your Best Efforts

Let’s settle this issue, ONCE and FOR ALL!

    Destined to Prosper

Did you know that confusion about  prosperity can limit what you receive?

That double-mindedness can hinder what God has for you?

I know it did me!!



Not sure this applies to you?

Do you hear yourself saying far too often, “We just don’t have ….. “

Are you constantly struggling with MONEY?

Do you often wonder if you are being effective or if the things you do or have done really amount to anything?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

Do you feel GUILTY wanting more?

Do you find yourself COMPLAINING when you know you shouldn’t?

Do you SECRETLY WONDER what God’s will REALLY is about prosperity?

Are you sometimes UNSURE what you can really count on?

Do you FEEL ENVIOUS of others’ things, relationships, or achievements?

These are tell-signs folks, that maybe you aren’t CONVINCED that PROSPERITY is YOURS or HOW TO ACCESS IT! And YES, without a doubt, it is ROBBING you of your peace, profits, power, and relationships.

These are tell-signs folks, that maybe you aren’t CONVINCED that PROSPERITY is YOURS or HOW TO ACCESS IT!  And YES, without a doubt, it is ROBBING you of your peace, profits, power, and relationships

Join Breakthrough Coach and Trainer, Maryann Ehmann,
as She Teaches You  How To:



3. DEVELOP an ATTITUDE to which people will be ATTRACTED

4. FORTIFY YOUR FAITH so you can stand strong against OPPOSITION

5. Daily SET YOUR AGREEMENTS so they ALIGN with the WILL of GOD for YOU

What you will get from taking this 3 part course:

3 Downloadable mp3s

Scripture verses to bolster your belief and disempower limited thinking

Personalized declarations and prayers to say each day

Journal Questions to uncover and challenge opposing beliefs

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Dear Mission-minded Entrepreneur, Leader, or Parent,

Doubt drags all of us down, makes us double-minded, dilutes our efforts, and actually, too much of it will repel the very thing we long to attract — whether it is new business, a healthy, vibrant relationship, money to pay the bills, or resources to fund your dreams or ministry!

Some people are so confused about the what “Prosperity” really means! Some think it doesn’t mean finances. Others think it does.  Does the word cause you to cringe or does it energize you?

Well, prosperity is a wonderful word, and you are meant to have it!

Truth be known, I struggled with this word for years. YEARS!! And it showed in my health, my family, our finances, EVERYTHING!

Then when I was led to explore the truth, I actually hid the books and articles I was reading so no one would judge or misunderstand me! I know that many of you are way beyond that reaction, but as a fellow entrepreneur out there, I see mega-doubt about this every day.

I believe I can help.  In fact, I KNOW I can help!

All prosperity begins with a prosperous soul and identity.

From there all other kinds of prosperity become available and accessible. 
May I help you? 
Now you may think a program like this would be hundreds of dollars considering all the time, effort and content went into making it… not to mention how it will change your life!!
But because I am so desirous of helping you with increasing the prosperity that is yours, I want to make this a no-brainer, and yet help me meet my costs. 

So, for a limited time this program will cost only $97  $19.97

3 Part Audio Program with Downloadable Handouts

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