trust with all heartIn my last post, I shared with you my directive for 2014 … Trust Without Borders! I heard from God, “Be ready!” I wasn’t sure for what, but I knew it would be good!

Did you know trust produces results? Sometimes even without apparent corollary actions!

My desire in this post is to pass on to you some supernatural ways in which you can get more done, with less stress, and with greater results. If you are interested… read on! (Forgive the length of this please, I just didn’t know how to make this shorter!!)

So here’s the skinny:

I’m not crazy about constant correction… but when it comes to correcting my understanding about who I am, who God is, and what He has in store for me … I’m all ears.

For example, I used to be fascinated with missionary stories. While I marveled at the missionaries’ sacrifices and the works of God, I also began to think that the only life worthy of His call was I, living amongst some African tribe, in a hut with a dirt floor, eating nasty grubs, while swatting a swarm of insistent gnats. “Oh, please!! Don’t make me go!”

And so, “leaning on my own understanding” did not generate Trust without Borders!


Thankfully God corrected me and reassured me that I can minister in my business in the way I AM gifted, and even in luxurious and restful surroundings, AND bring a lot of fun into the mix! As I have come to understand and embrace how He has designed me, then I am freer to let His glory flow through me in extraordinary ways!

Another “understanding” I have needed corrected is the notion that there are secular environments and there are sacred environments. In my mind, my event in Coronado was “sacred” because I was leading entrepreneurs in how to be more connected to God in their businesses. Also in my “understanding,” the LA workshops were “secular” because the entrepreneurs there were not necessarily interested in spiritual matters, but learning how to make money. I’m not saying learning how to profit in our businesses is bad… au contraire! If we don’t profit, we can’t survive, and for ministry-minded entrepreneurs, our work discontinues!

However, my way to profit and prosper begins with the spiritual. It’s just that I was believing that not many people see it that way, and so… the thoughts rummaging through my brain and discouraging my hearts was –“ I don’t belong… they don’t really want what I have… I feel out of place … I don’t fit. I want to go home.” Have you ever thought those things?


Well, I knew I couldn’t do a good job with that kind of sucky attitude, and so I took this before the Lord, desperate for a mindset shift. In a flash, the Lord turned this “secular” event into a “sacred” one.

How? By enlightening the eyes of my heart with His love.

He very clearly said, “Love never fails. Love belongs everywhere. Do not be fooled. Entrepreneurs need love. You carry My love. Use your gifts and let My love flow. That’s all you have to think about.” Instantly I was excited. I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around everyone. It was the best set of breakout sessions I have ever done.

God showed me there are plenty of entrepreneurs who need the encouragement that making money can be sacred!

Bringing LOVE to our workplaces activates the presence of God and transforms the secular into the sacred. God is Love and is omnipresent, therefore… could it be the earth is sacred, and we just need to activate it and open our eyes to it? Could it be a perception and “understanding” thing?


Well, as I let Him open my eyes and correct my understanding, my capacity to trust Him increases wonderfully. And so do the effectiveness of my thoughts and actions.

And here is what has happened as a result: Within a 30 day period, in partnership with the Lord, I —

  • Prepared materials and led a 3 day intensive in San Diego,
  • Facilitated 4 mindset breakout sessions in LA
  • Prepared materials and led a day and ½ women’s retreat (so amazing – their first ever!!) in E. Williamson, NY
  • Was invited to submit a book proposal to a well known publishing house
  • Was asked to head up a 3 day Mentorship Certificate program in the Dominican Republic
  • Finished and submitted the first draft of the book proposal
  • Negotiated the deal and finished the outline for the mentorship program

I’ve known for a long time that the strategies of God are sure, His favor abounds, and He takes a little, whether food, time, money, or energy, and makes a lot with it. But quite frankly, I’ve had my share of doubt… and if someone said that all that would be accomplished in 30 days, well…. that is not my history and I would have said they were crazy.

But not only did it all get done, but with a great deal of ease as well. God is demonstrating the New Economy of Get’Er Done! He is providing a FRESH RELEASE this year!


As one prophet said, “Quantum Leap!” But I do believe we need a TRUST WITHOUT BORDERS (or a commitment to it) to engage that kind of flow!

Are you ready? If you desire an impartation of high productivity, prosperity, and favor, with abounding peace and joy, then I pass that on to you! On my comments area below, let me know if you receive it!