One of the pivotal verses of all time for me is Romans 5:17.  Basically it says that when we RECEIVE the abundance of grace and divine favor AND the free gift of righteousness, then we are enabled and empowered to REIGN as KINGS/QUEENS in this life, through Christ.

For much of my life I felt insecure and impoverished in my value. I tried not to feel like a victim of my circumstances or in my relationships because I knew better. I had studied enough psychology, positive thinking, and even biblical truths to know that we are VICTORS not VICTIMS.

crown-reigning-in-lifeAnd yet, this hovering victim mentality would infiltrate my thinking all too often. The idea that I could REIGN in life was good news to my heart and mind. Through this verse, the Spirit of God went deep and spoke life into the dark places of inadequacy.

Yes, I desired to reign as a king/queen in life. But to do it by RECEIVING, not forcing, not demanding, not controlling everyone and everything was especially exciting to me.

But then I wondered, “How does one receive? How do we receive intangibles?”

I was stumped.

For almost a year I studied and searched God about “receiving.” So much of the bible talks about receiving that I thought it was about time my understanding was enlightened.

If you think it’s time for you, too, to deepen your understanding about “receiving” and you, too, see the connection between it and how you show up in the world, then keep reading. It’s simpler than it seems.


What does it mean to RECEIVE?receiving-reigning-in-life

Well, in the word, “receive” in the Greek is the word, “lambano.” Lambano means to seize something, catch it, grab a hold, and draw into yourself.

Imagine, if you will, the receiver on a NFL team. They position themselves, run to where they think the QB will throw the ball, get ready, and receive.

protecting-reigning-in-lifeAs they grab that ball, they position it in their arms properly to protect it against the violent hits and grabbing of the defense. They treat that ball as if their life depended on hanging on to it. Receiving the ball and protecting it is crucial for the team to advance.

Do we have this same attitude about what God desires us to receive?


How do we RECEIVE an intangible?

I enjoy football so this analogy worked for me, however… I was still baffled by the intangible characteristic of God’s promises and provision. How does one receive abstracts, like favor or righteousness, as Romans 5:17 encourages?

The answer was so simple.

We agree that it is ours, and then we say “thank you.” We own it and express gratitude. That’s it. Once we do, we determine to hang on to that gift. We protect it against theft, violent assault, or even our own or others devaluing it.

We ask God to enlighten the eyes of our heart. We meditate on it, we imagine ourselves with it, we bask in the idea of it. These are all ways to deepen its presence in our lives. Doing so increases our understanding and possession at non-conscious levels. It becomes a part of us, like food does in our cells.

Receiving the benefits and promises of God works in every aspect of our lives.

As a business owner, it is especially important for me know how to reign. And by reigning through receiving, worry disappears! I don’t have to put pressure on my clients or future clients. I watch for and receive the open doors that favor provides. I basically “show up,” and the grace and favor that I have ingested, will permeate and attract. I see it over and over.


If you have ever wondered how to receive, I hope this helps you! Let me know by leaving me a comment below… Thank you!!




maryann-crown-bullet-squareNext week:
How receiving favor causes us to reign in life as kings/queens in our businesses, workplaces, and ministries.