no-borders-in-2014How is your New Year’s going so far? Did you happen to present to God a desire for the year?

I did, and I’ll tell you what it is in a minute and why, but first let me just say a quick word about 2013…

Last year, I came to the point of committing to laboring to enter God’s rest. And I have to say, 2013 was a breakthrough year. I realized at a deeper level that God is a strategic, results-oriented God who loves to bless us and give us our hearts desire. I stopped resisting that truth and just allowed him to do his work in and through me and to reveal things that I needed to see. I purposed to not do anything unless I consulted God for the supply, source, or strategy and also got a confirmation, or I didn’t do it!

Do you know how much time, energy, and money that saved me, not to mention stress? I loved it!

I have to say, that is why my January event was so amazing. All the right people came together at just the right time for all the right reasons in the right place… A lovely, luxurious location. I am convinced: I will never do it another way!

And because of the success of laboring to enter his rest, I am ready to up level my trust. So, 2014 is the year of trust without borders (listen to the song Oceans).

It is my desire to step into a life of more magnificence. Not that I am not supremely grateful for where I am and what I have… But I desire to have all that God has so graciously given to me… To us all! And to do so, I must have a trust that has no borders!

So that is my desire for 2014. Not specific things, but a trust that has no borders which will allow God to flow in and out of my life in magnificent ways and hopefully touch each one of you!

God bless you! Here’s to a magnificent year!