Get the Royal Treatment and Jump-start Your Journey with Maryann!

Clarity in a Day™

Is lack of clarity getting in the way of your success?

Do you feel thwarted in your progress in some way?

Well, maybe it’s time to ACCELERATE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH in a luxurious, restful location where you can just relax and have all the attention and focus on YOU!’

Clarity in a Day™

A simply effective and highly relaxing way to bust through those nagging barriers and discover your TRUEST and HIGHEST self, what you are REALLY meant to do, and how to make it happen NOW.


Dear Woman of Beauty, Brilliance, and Destiny,

Hi! This is Maryann Ehmann and I’m in the transformation business. Taking people from where they are to where they want to be is my gift, encouraging, enlightening, and elevating all along the way… and I love it.

I especially love helping women unearth their unique and special identity, (yes, you have one, too!), their passionate purpose, and bold, outrageous dream.

Seeing their beautiful and brilliant selves is not always easy in this world of discrimination and demands.

For me, drawing out who they truly are, what they really want, and where they want to go is like mining gold or diving for buried treasure. For my clients, to see themselves clearly, is the first and most important step of transforming their lives from Frustration to Fabulous.

Unfortunately, too often any number of things can block our vision and weaken our confidence. Can I ask you? Does discovering your destiny, mission, or purpose in life seem to evade you? Do you struggle to see your magnificence clearly? Do you feel you are doing all you know to do, but still aren’t getting the results or changes you are hoping for? Do your goals seem too lofty or unreachable? Do you believe you are meant for more, but aren’t sure what it is or how to make it happen? Do you sometimes feel pressed down by guilt, shame, or doubt? Maybe you are overwhelmed by too many ideas, tasks, or to-dos and you need help in sorting, eliminating, or focusing! Would you like a more vibrant relationship with God, but don’t know how to get it?

Whether you need clarity in your personal, professional, or spiritual life, I am here to help.

I love when clarity breaks forth! It’s like a new day dawning. The impossible seems possible. Questions get answered. Overwhelm dissolves. The ah-ha is amazing.


Normally weekly transformation sessions are most effective to ensure true and lasting change and get my clients where they want to go, but what I have discovered is there are other times when we need to JUMP START THE JOURNEY!

Thus my CLARITY IN A DAY Breakthrough Experience was born, and what amazing results we’ve been getting!

Be transformed, get a breakthrough, define your destiny ….

all in a luxurious location, one on one, with me!


 noelle-coaching-testimonialsHear Noelle’s thoughts about Clarity in a Day with Maryann in Her Own Words: Noelle Schabel testimony

Consider Laurie, who was stuck, her business was going nowhere and her identity and path were fuzzy. In a day, we revamped her whole business identity and presence, deepened her why, and at the end of the day, she had a plan of action and much needed confidence to move forward. This beautiful woman is no longer hiding under a bush, but blessing the world with her gifts. 


For you and me to spend a whole day together, clearing away mindset barriers, bringing your brilliant identity to the surface, and gleaning from all your past experiences, loves and gifting the true call on your life or dream in your heart… without interruption or distraction … will take months off the process. But, it isn’t just taking dedicated and focused time together that will produce such amazing results, but also being in a thoroughly relaxing and elegant environment, so creativity can freely flow. Most women work so hard and do so little for themselves, and once in while, they just need to get away and be treated royally! Maybe that’s you, too! In addition to focused attention and a luxurious setting, I have designed this program to include everything, from hotel to meals, and have even reduced my rates to make it highly affordable. I want this to be an experience available to everyone.

So, how does the Clarity in a Day™ Breakthrough Experience work?

Glad you asked! Well, after you pick out the dates you want to start, we will have an intial, in-depth Meet and Greet phone call. You will arrange for your own travel to your Rochester (NY) Rendez-vous! (California options available also!!)

Once you arrive the Royal Treatment begins!

You will be staying at the luxurious and relaxing, Woodcliffe Hotel and Spa. This is YOUR time where you get to just focus in on who YOU are and what YOU want in an elegant, but not stuffy, free and relaxing environment. You see, a relaxed, peaceful, and elegant environment prepares your brain and heart to receive goodness and opens the door to creativity. Being pampered while you work is an amazingly productive combination!

Woodcliffe Hotel and Spa

Next, check in to your lovely guest room for 2 nights, get settled, and just relax!

The night of your arrival, we will enjoy dinner and debriefing together in the lovely Horizon’s Restaurant.

In the morning we will meet for breakfast, and start the day off, not rushed, but restful. Lunch and refreshments to follow. By the way, the food is amazing!

After breakfast, we will escape to one of the beautiful conference rooms with gorgeous views, and let the uncovering and creativity flow.

And what would a luxury experience be without a spa treatment?

But in addition to being enveloped in an atmosphere of serenity, beauty, and elegance…. You will get a FULL DAY where it’s all about YOU. Together we will:

  • Focus in on what may be obscuring your clarity or holding you back
  • Remove those obstacles so the real, brilliant you has a chance to emerge and be released
  • Write an empowered identity statement, including personality, strengths, skill set, and experiences
  • Crystallize your passionate purpose, dream career, or magnificent mission. Identify what you really want, and where you want to go.
  • Write your mission and vision statements
  • Revamp your current project, business, or career, if needed
  • Design your next steps

In addition, to this Jump Start Experience, I will also stick with you for at least 5 Follow Up Sessions to ensure you stay on track, not fall away once you realize how magnificent you and your purpose are, or just get distracted. I am committed to you!  

Now, you may be saying, “Yes! This is perfect for me!

I need Clarity and I’m ready for a Breakthrough!”


maryann-crown-bullet-squareSTEP 1: Contact me and let’s chat to see if this is right for you!  585-406-5726 or



maryann-crown-bullet-squareSTEP 2: Help Me to Know You. Once we mutually decide this is right for you, you will get my questionnaire, but don’t worry! It isn’t one of those lengthy documents that no one ever reads. BUT, is has a depth to it that will help me know you better so I can help you SOAR.





STEP 3: Session #1 – 90 minutes. Before coming to Rochester, (or we meet in CA), you and I will have a great conversation. I listen. You talk. Get it all out. If you are like most people, you will get at least one major ah-ha or breakthrough in this first session. This gives a strong base for Step 3.



STEP 4: Make Your Travel Plans, but I will make all your hotel and meal reservations. No worries! Once you arrive at your Rochester Rendezvous, everything is provided for you. In addition to being pampered in a luxury location, you will have a minimum of 12 hours with me EXCLUSIVELY on location.



STEP 5: 5 – 60 Minute Follow Up Sessions to establish the plan, take inspired action, and be accountable to your dreams. We will also employ strategies learned to dissolve sabotaging beliefs that do not serve you. Learning how to be free of them will be critical to your success.

If this looks attractive to you, LET’S CHAT! or 585-406-5726


Pay In Full – $2997

3 Pay

Deposit – $1147

  I am excited about transforming your life and jump-starting your journey! I know you will be excited, too! If you need more information, just give me a call, and let’s get started! 585-406-5726 or email me at and let’s talk about how your life or business can be transformed QUICKLY!      

Looking forward to hearing from you!