God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear…
Psalm 46

Oh no!  This can’t be!  I can’t believe this!!

I forgot my passport!

We had just traveled from western NY to Seattle, WA, and were picking up our rental car for our drive into Canada.  I had a very important business meeting that could only occur within a short time frame.  In 2 hours we would be crossing the border.  At least that was the plan.

Did you ever have one of those panic-stricken moments when time freezes, everyone is staring at you, and no one has a solution?  As I searched the faces of those in the room, hoping for someone to offer an encouraging word at my utterance, all I got was pitiful expressions or cast down eyes as the attendants related the new law:  No passport or acceptable identification, no crossing.

I could see there was no hope here.  Well, at least pity was better than scorn.

Regardless of their reaction, or the accusing voices in my own head, clearly I had a split second decision to make:  panic in distress or pursue a strategy.

Now, I have to say, there was a time in life where I would have responded with the first alternative.

I had believed that I needed to be and do everything perfectly in order to expect the best out of life and all its many circumstances.

But thank God, I know better now. God has renewed my mind, and so, in the process, I am transformed to expect the best…. in every situation…. BUT… even if I was at fault?

I believe the basis for a lot of worry is the false belief that because of our mistakes and/or wrong doing we don’t deserve the best out of life.  We don’t deserve good things to work out for us.

We can recall all the things we should have done and didn’t, or did do but shouldn’t have, and that disqualifies us for benefits, blessings, and even miracles.

Can we expect blessings from our blunders?

Well, one thing I have learned about a Warrior mindset as opposed to a Worrier one, is that a Warrior doesn’t back down.  The commitment to get across the border was stronger than the accusing voice of blame which I have come to recognize is so not God’s voice. I was on a mission, and my mistake was not going to stop me, … unless, of course, the border patrol did not see it that way..

So, what did we do?  Well, I will tell you, at the risk of this seeming like a formula… it isn’t, but it was the strategy that I believe the Lord put in our hearts… and well, it was all we had to go on!

  • We sent out a prayer alert. Yep.  Called in reinforcements.
  • We called the people waiting for us in Canada to inform them and brainstorm.  We came up with a possible strategy.
  • We asked a favor of a neighbor back home to get into our house, grab my passport, and email a scanned copy.  Yes, I said favor… it was late at night when we called him!
  • At dinner, we discussed this with our waitress, realizing we had nothing around us where we could get a copy made… she offered her boss and his copier there.  Another favor.
  • We stood on the truth, which is… we are Kingdom people.  While we are subject to the laws of this land, we have a higher authority and are citizens from another realm.  We called upon that authority and asserted our ability to reign as kings in this life, through our God. Whoo Rah!
  • We called upon the angels to do our bidding.  Yes, sounds hokey to some, but when in trouble, I’ll take all the help I can get.  It turns out one of prayer warriors was doing the same thing at the same time.  Another favor?  You bet.
  • Next we had to make the 2 hour drive, believing for the best, not an alternative plan in mind.
  • Then… on and off for whole drive, we talked, listened to music, and sang “Majesty!”

I’m sure you have guessed by now, we made it across.  The officer at the border questioned why we were giving him a photocopy, (and a very bad one at that) but after a few questions, told us to have a great trip.

Now, here’s the rest of the story.  (Sorry this is so long, but I just have to share! God is so amazing!!)

My business meeting was wonderful!  Highly productive and profitable.  But even more, the person I was meeting with, a very successful entrepreneur, had been going through a tough time, feeling lonely, betrayed, and not sure what to count on.  As she was going through a lot of my material, God was just blasting her with inspiration, encouragement, and love.  Multiple times, tears well up in her eyes, as she connected with God and her deepest self. Before our eyes, she was getting loved on by the Master Lover of our souls.

This was a divine appointment of the highest order.  And I thought we had to get across the border just for me. Ha!

Well this wonderful woman told us of an important presentation she had coming up, and she worried that she had lost her passion and purpose. And so, we committed to pray for her before she went on stage. On the day of her presentation, she called right before going on, and let me say… what an honor!

It turned out that it was her best presentation ever, people were lining up to talk with her, and she gained more business than she knew what to do with.

God is our Redeemer! An ever-present help in trouble. Our blunders can definitely be turned into blessings … for all involved!

Go for it!  God has your back!