Do you have a dream that has died, withered away, and gone with the wind?

Do you have a call on your life that seems impossible to fulfill? Are you discouraged and tempted to give up on it?

Do you have a desire or longing you have been hanging on to in faith, but you’re beginning to believe it just might be impossible?

Have you felt excited about a project, only to see your enthusiasm fade?

 maryann-fresh-windIf so, you will want to read on!

Proverbs13:12  says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire (longing or dream)  fulfilled is a tree of life.”  We know that feeling, don’t we? When things aren’t happening, no matter what our best efforts, we begin to wonder, “Am I not praying enough, believing enough, doing enough??” We often go to that place that can lead us to that dark spiral down, “Is it me? …. It must be me.”


Because I work with so many talented and skilled people in my coaching practice, who are often in need of a breakthrough, God gives me many tools to assist them. It’s my calling, and He always provides for our calling!

Lately, He has been causing me to focus on this one:  Resurrection power. How fitting, given the season we are in, don’t you think?

Now, before you do what I was tempted to do and only think about resurrection as a theological, Easter-like term, or even a salvation concept, take a few minutes and ponder this with me, and I know God will reveal something special to you, too.

In Ezekiel 37, in the land of Israel, the people of promise, full of God-potential, are like lifeless, dead, dry bones. God says to Ezekiel…. “Can these bones live?” In other words, “Do you believe they can?”

I have read this verse many times, but this time, I saw that God wanted Ezekiel to examine his faith first before He demonstrated His power. Ezekiel’s answer was interesting, “O God, You know!”

Well, I think that’s a pretty wimpy answer. He doesn’t say yes, he doesn’t say no. Isn’t that how we often feel though? We’ve lost our grip, our faith, our confidence? We know God can do the impossible, but somehow we aren’t seeing it? I am a firm believer that belief determines our results, but sometimes life beats us down enough that our belief is like a whisper, when we need a full out blast.

Well, God continues and tells us through Ezekiel to speak to dry, dead bones and say, “You shall live!” He further says, “I will cause breath and spirit to enter you, and you shall live.” This is His resurrection power made available to us! We speak in agreement, and He breathes on us, our dreams, desires, and longings.


I thought about all the times God had to breathe new life into my shelved, even dead dreams, my unfulfilled desires, and my seemingly impossible purpose.  There are times we just want to give up.

If you are there, or precipitously close to the edge, I believe God wants to bring a powerful, blast of fresh wind to you. I believe He desires you to speak to those dry, dead dreams, “Hear the word of the Lord! You shall live!” I believe God wants to infuse you and your desires with abundant life. I believe He wants you to see yourself as one with Him… both of you together, breathing life into that which seems dead.  Remember that Adam was created from the substance of the ground, but it wasn’t until God breathed into him that he became fully alive.

I believe that in this season we are in, there is much activity in the spiritual realm that is working for us and against us. So, today, I declare over you and your longings, “You shall live!” I declare a fresh breath to be released over, in and through you! Do you receive, my friend? I would love to hear your comments below…