I declare over you this week, a week of RECEIVING all that God has for you in your personal and professional life! It’s all there for us, right?!

gatewayToday I’d like to address, once again, the practice of receiving, but before I do, let me say that BELIEVING is the gate to RECEIVING.

Believing activates the greatness of God’s power and provision in our lives, but once we have known and believed, then it’s time to RECEIVE!

So last week I highlighted Romans 5:17 which told us that those who RECEIVE the abundance of grace/divine favor and the free gift of righteousness will be enabled and empowered to reign in life as kings through Christ. If you didn’t get a chance to read that, I would go back to my post, http://maryannehmann.com/2014/02/24/ever-think-about-reigning-in-life and read that first.

gods favorToday let’s address one thing we are to RECEIVE in order to REIGN: divine favor

Those of you who have been following me for a while, know I talk frequently about Favor because a deep understanding of it absolutely changed my life – even the cells in my body!

It brought me closer to God than I had ever been, it healed me of persistent migraines permanently, and it caused reconciliation of some terribly broken relationships.

In my business, favor has made divine connections for me in the most unlikely (to me) of places, with the most unlikely of people, for the most unlikely of reasons. In other words, I never saw it coming!

From celebrities to bishops to executives to multimillionaires – God has given me favor in their sight to promote me, support me, cheer me on, connect me, and provide for me. I have had multiple opportunities to minister life and love to them, creative problem solving, and strategic direction. These relationships have poured into me to give me added confidence in my craft so I can in turn do what I am meant to do and serve in the way I am to gifted to serve. The favor of God is vital to the advancement of our destiny and God’s goodness spread through us.

But before I could daily receive favor, I need to first KNOW what it was. I also had to know that it wasn’t just for Old Testament saints, or Jesus or Mary. I needed to KNOW that it was also for me.

But beyond knowledge, I needed a deep BELIEF that it was for me.

Many people come up to me and tell me their eyes have been opened when I talk about Favor. Yes, I have the gift to impart it to my audiences, clients, and associates! It’s so fun! They also tell me that they had a hidden belief that favor was only for special people, not them. This belief caused them to disregard favor, or look upon those who had it with jealousy, suspicion or even contempt.

If you have ever thought favor is only for those who are special, and thus you are disqualified, read on for I have good news for you!


Favor Makes You Special!

Ephesians 1:6 says that we are accepted in the Beloved. One of the definitions of the word accepted in the Greek (charitoo) means, to be made special.

One of the problematic thoughts that seem to plague us, especially those who are in business and need to market and promote themselves, is the thought, “There’s nothing special about me.”

This shows up in all kinds of ways. It makes a person shrink back, speak insecurely about what they do, compare themselves with others, be double minded in their marketing material, just to name a few consequences of seeing ourselves as not special.

you are specialFavor says, “You are special. Highly favored. Agreeable, pleasant, honored and honorable, and influential.” Favor means when you walk into a room, you carry the radiant presence of God, and people notice. Favor will open doors for you.

With this confidence, you will gain more clarity as to what specifically you offer to the world –

  • that is special
  • that solves problems in a way you are uniquely gifted to do
  • that brings life, energy, solutions, and prosperity to others.

With this confidence, what you have to offer more readily and easily flows because you are not thinking about how not special you are, but rather… what do you have for me and for others, Lord? How do You want to show up? What problems are WE going to solve today? What fun are WE going to have today?

Ironically, favor makes you more others’ centered, rather than self-centered! The benefits are immeasurable.

Now, I just gave you a little bit of information about favor.


Now you KNOW. But do you believe?

Do you believe you have favor with God? Do you believe favor makes you special?

If you do, then consciously RECEIVE, like I discussed in last week’s post. Grab a hold of it, take it in close to you, protect it, as if your life depends on it. And indeed, the quality of your personal life and your business life does depend on your ability to receive favor.


Beware of competing beliefs.

As I have said many times elsewhere, we may believe we have favor or any number of God’s gifts, but we can also believe we don’t. Rather than favored, we believe we are less than, unworthy, undeserving, blah, blah, blah…. This is called double-mindedness and this makes it difficult to RECEIVE… just as it says in James 1: 7-8.

B B BG BV So, purpose in your hearts to be single minded in your belief. Drive that stake in the ground… deep. Speak words that align with God. “I have favor with God, and am favored by God, which gives me the favor of God. So be it!” Own it. Be grateful for it.

insecurityAnd every time a false belief arises, throw it down to the ground, stamp on its head, and kick it to the curb. This is also part of RECEIVING.

And that is the way Lord enables you to REIGN!

I hope this helps you to see favor abound in your life, and as always, I love your comments! Please share them here… and pass these posts on if you think it will encourage a friend!