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Loews Coronado Bay Resort

In the seaside village of Coronado just 20 minutes from

San Diego International Airport

Maryann Ehmann

Are you a faith-based leader who is looking to wildly increase your impact and influence?

Are you an entrepreneur who would LOVE extraordinary results and explosive blessings without all the stress? ?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could enter God’s magnificent rest in a luxurious location while you get centered, re-fueled, and focused on your game plan for 2015?

Dear Friend,

Every year in January I have an exclusive get away where an intimate group of high powered, purpose-driven people gather in a luxurious location to increase their clarity, confidence, and commitment to their mission and goals for the new year.

We seek God together for His solutions, strategies, and supply. We deepen our connection with Him, ourselves, and each other. We leave the weekend with not just immense peace, but also His exceedingly above power and inspired strategic plan.

 This year God is favoring us, for a fraction of what it normally costs, with the intimate and elegant Bayside Parlor in the gorgeous Loews Coronado Bay Resort, overlooking the water, specifically chosen for maximum relaxation, stimulation, and productivity.

Only 50 spaces available! If you feel the nudge, commit now so you don’t miss out!

The price for this is ridiculously low given all you will experience and walk away with.  Events of this caliber usually cost a minimum of $2000. This is an exclusive event and I am looking for people who are serious about the call of God on their lives and desire to maximize their potential, impact, and influence with less stress and struggle!

 1. Learn My Proprietary Process – 5 Steps to Extraordinary Results! God downloaded this to me one morning in February of this year, and since I have been using and teaching it, I and so many others are breaking through to a new level of peace, power, and prosperity. You will learn this process as well as have the opportunity to use it for your own goals.   

2. Uncover and Release Known and Unknown Resistance To Your Success. Being one with God, we have all we need within us… but sometimes, there’s a bit of a log jam in our minds that hinder our creativity, clarity, and confidence. Together, let’s put an end to self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and religious spirits!  I ensure a safe and sacred space to uncover whatever stands in your way of moving forward to the next level of your great work!

3. Gain Mindset Shifts that Dissolve Doubt and Guilt. Responsible and conscientious leaders are often the ones most weighed down by guilt! I am not advocating reckless irresponsibility! But, doubt and guilt are like sludge in your soul. Let’s be done. God wants you free so you can soar. 

4. Hear From God for Divine Strategies, rather than every guru, program offering, or sales pitch. God’s strategies may not seem appropriate in business, but God is all about free enterprise and prosperity!  He has a plan for you that cuts through red tape, protocol, and the ways things are supposed to be done… Learn how to discern His voice, and go for the super-effective, super-natural. Leave the weekend feeling empowered and directed!

5. Learn Proven Secrets to Experiencing Magnetic Appeal. There are ways to cut your effort by 90%.  You will love it!

6. Dig Deep into Your Passionate Purpose.  You may know where you are going, but revisiting and recommitting to your purpose each year will increase productivity and distraction immensely.

7. Engage in Spirit-led Masterminding. Last year people claimed this was one of their favorite activities of the weekend. Many people have gone on to fulfill their dreams, walk in their purpose, break into new arenas…. this is incredible!

8. Develop Your Action Plan for 2014. Feeling good is great… but not enough! Sunday is roll up your sleeve and plan day, using all you have heard from God and others, in feel-good freedom, rest, and confirmation of who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. 

9. If You Are A Leader with a Call, A Business Owner Desiring to Profit in Your Purpose, or a Professional Making An Impact in the Corporate World, Discovering How To Reign as Royalty in ALL Areas of Life Through Christ According to Romans 5:17 is crucial! The world system has nothing on God’s kingdom rule, and He has given it to you to make an eternal impact. Sharpen your skills this weekend!

Experience Stress-free Productivity and Breakthrough to New Levels of Success….All in a Glorious and Restful Setting!

Imagine Beginning Your New Year Here with a Reigning Attitude!

Get Away From It All to Focus on You and God’s Plan for YOU!


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Stay tuned for our next event to be announced soon!





Registration at the door $1497

 Deluxe Rooms Price $179/night

(30% discount off regular rates)


Call the Loews Reservations at 800-235-6397 and refer to “Maryann Ehmann International” to book your room or by click here.


Here’s what Brian Kelly has to say: (Event name has changed since then. I have upgraded the content even more!)




 I look forward to having YOU join us!