A Unique, Small and Intimate, Powerful and Miraculous,

Incubator of Love, Wisdom, and Personalized Biz Savvy

Limited to 15 Passionate, Smart, Tenacious Women 

Is your business the source of sheer joy, or frustrating stress?

Has the burning flame of your desire reduced to a barely warm ember?

And yet, you know there is something so real and deep within you that you just can’t let go?

I get it!

I, and so many bright and beautiful woman I have coached have been in the same place. But I can tell you with great assurance…

there is a way to successfully do what you LOVE and PROSPER from it.

I know you have heard it a million times before… but if others can… why not YOU!?


Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have been so fortunate to witness magical transformations within my clients, which have produced magnificent breakthroughs in finances, health, and relationships. Indeed, some shifts occurred so fast that students have called it miraculous!

    Monetize Your Passion Live!

10 Weeks of LIVE, SMALL Group Coaching

Beginning 9:00 am PDT

September  24, 2019


with Maryann Ehmann

For Limited Time Only

Special Pricing: $1497(Reg. $1997)

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My Wildly Popular Free Abundance Tracker

It’s been proven that tracking your love and abundance daily increases your awareness of abundance and brings in even more!

Here’s a tool and support to make it easy! 

In this training, you will…

Learn how to create an INVINCIBLE and ABUNDANT MINDSET though my proprietary methodology. Building a business is not for sissies. 

Deepen your ability to tap into God’s SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH and INNERMOST WISDOM. This is bigger than you!

Gain CRYSTAL CLARITY about your heart’s desire, innate gifts, and passionate purpose. How can you focus if you are not clear?

Completely UPGRADE YOUR MONEY MINDSET. Your relationship with money determines how much you see!

Learn how to MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT new customers, clients, and amazing opportunities … by being exactly who you are!

Fine tune your BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE.  Not only is this foundational, but it will increase your confidence exponentially!

Determine FEEL GOOD PRICING AND PACKAGING. No more underpricing or confusion over how much to charge. 

Learn to SELL WITH CONFIDENCE, LOVE, AND GRACE. No more ickky, awkward conversations. 

Develop a PERSONALIZED, JOY-FILLED MARKETING PLAN. You’ll be relieved at all you DON’T have to do!

Take NEXT STEP ACTION. Be done with wandering in the desert!

Learn how to INVOKE THE POWER OF LOVE, for yourself, others, and all you do.  LOVE is the KEY that opens up ABUNDANCE!

And so much more!

BONUS!! (Reg. $497)


This Video Series Includes:

1. 22 Love-Empowered Videos with Step by Step Instructions

2. Downloadable PDF Worksheets for Each Video with Time Stamped Topics.

Most of the lessons reveal my signature processes only shared with my high level 1:1 clients!


Here’s a sampling of what you will learn!

Day 1: Overview and Training. Abundance is available to us all. Why then do we not all have it? Learn how and why our beliefs create our reality. Identify your limiting beliefs in this step by step process.

Day 2:  Transforming Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Ones. Many people talk about limiting beliefs, but few lead you through a proven process of transforming them! This video is right on time!

Day 3: Manifesting Secrets. Manifesting what you truly desire requires certain simple and easy to incorporate elements.

Day 4: The Power of Decision. This is not what you think! Learn the transforming distinction between the decision ABOUT versus the decision TO DO, and how it affects your abundance.

Day 5: Freedom from People Pleasing. Believe it or not, people pleasing can sabotage your abundance! Learn how to shift this without guilt or shame!

Day 12: Upgrade Your Money Mindset: We all have money stories we grew up with. These lessons help you identify yours, but also tackling them successfully.

Day 18: Freedom from Resentment: You don’t need to be a martyr. Learn how to give of your resources from overflow, not obligation!

Day 22: Dream Clients: If you are in business, attracting your dream clients, rather than hunting them down, is so much more pleasant. In the next few lessons, you will learn a proven method of releasing resistance and being a client magnet.

Day 25: Your Big WHY: Everyone has a story, and locked within it, is our big Why. Y26our Why matters and is magnetic! Discover yours.

Day 26: Get Back to Love. Get Better Results: Feeling loved is key to everything. It is a powerful force within each of us. Learn how to tap in.

And so much more!!!