a-crown-of-splendor-a-royal-diadem-in-the-hand-of-our-godMay I declare on your behalf… YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! 


You are a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD,

And a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

It will no longer be said to you, “Forsaken,”

Nor to your land will it any longer be said, “Desolate”;

But you will be called, “My delight is in her,”  Is 62:3


  As you have probably noticed by now, I often like to address the elephant in the room…elephant_in_the_roomthe one that sits loud and proud, but many ignore or accept as having a right to be there. 

Today’s elephant is the belief that, “You Are Not Enough.”

This is a belief that you might not consciously agree to, but subconsciously there are a million little voices whispering this to you day and night. This is a belief that keeps you from pursuing your dreams with abandonment. This is a belief that makes you settle, thinking you are just trying to be content and not dissatisfied.  This is the belief that taunts, “Who do you think you are??!!”

Many people struggle with the feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and insignificance. All of which stem from the belief that, “I am not worthy. I am not enough. I am not important.”

Personally, I can trace those beliefs back to conclusions I formed about me, and others’ in relationship to me. I remember as early as kindergarten where I was the tallest, but youngest in my class.  I felt so clueless as to what was going on. I may have been physically mature enough to handle this new environment, but emotionally I felt behind everyone else. This translated into a belief that everyone else was smarter and more capable than me.

My father, in a loving attempt to identify positive traits that each of his 6 children possessed, deemed me the smiley, personable one… not the smart one, or the creative one, or the funny one… as my siblings were labeled.

Ah-ha! I knew I wasn’t smart! This seemingly innocent declaration to make us feel good, added to my already formed belief about my inferior intelligence.

Then in 5th grade, I received my first F in Science. I will never forget the horror on my mom’s face in reaction to the blazing red F signifying an epic fail.  red f

On a positive note, feeling inferior compelled me to work hard… really hard. In fact, in every area where I felt insecure and inadequate (I’m too tall, too gawky, too goofy, too uncoordinated, too Asian, too analytical, too sensitive, too this and too that… ), I doubled my efforts. No one could ever accuse me of not having a strong work ethic.

But there were some things I just couldn’t change, though even with being Asian, which was a non-negotiable trait, my mom did try and teach me how to apply makeup so I would look more Caucasian.

Well, you may know, I went on to get my 4 year degree, and after a few years of teaching, continued my education and became a lawyer… a prosecuting lawyer, in fact, where I was the 2nd female to have ever been hired by the state.

The pressure was on. If I didn’t work twice as hard and twice as long as my male counterparts, I was out. They reminded me of that almost weekly. Like it or lump it, honey… that’s just the way it is.

I accepted that as truth, as it fit with my already existing belief system. Whether it was my brains, my looks, my desirability, my whatever… it never seemed like enough.

When I met Jesus and felt His unconditional, transformative, electrifying, all encompassing love, I thought I had found the Holy Grail. I couldn’t believe that I, with all my flaws and failings, could be so accepted by the God of the Universe.  

And while I was flying high in this amazing experience it, eventually I saw it didn’t fit with my paradigm. It seemed too good to be true.

Surely, I must have to do something to earn this favor. And so, my old patterns kicked in, and I became a workhorse for the Kingdom.  The free gift of grace, righteousness, and favor no longer became free, as I (unknowingly) made His truth fit into my belief system.

The unconscious, deeply embedded belief, “I am only worthy, adequate and deserving if I work my tail off and perform well,” superceded His truth of unconditional love, worth, and value, deserving of all His promises, just because.

The free part of His gifts became a theological concept that I claimed I knew and understood. But if I did, why was I feeling so tired, resentful, worried, and even burned out? Where was that sense of fullness and freedom I originally had?

If this was only my experience, I would never even write about it, but it isn’t. I see it every day.

I am grateful for my coaching clients that allow me to challenge this destructive and tiring dynamic so they can move forward, but many people do not recognize that this is even going on within. 

don't sit in shadowsWe are meant to manifest Magnificent Lives! But so many Christians are so stuck. For a variety of very good reasons, they haven’t embraced the truth that God has made them more than enough to tackle life’s problems, fulfill their destiny, and realize their dreams – at least not at the cellular level.

I, and others, bought the lie, but the Spirit of God led us into righteousness… right believing, thinking, and feeling…which has had stellar results! This is for you, too.

You are more than enough to live a Magnificent Life! You are more than enough to live above your circumstances! You are more than enough to prosper in all things! You are more than enough to release the power of God that has given you all things for life and godliness.

Declare it in the morning! Slap the devil upside the head when he taunts you with accusing lies. Shove the truth, “God has made me more than enough!” smack dab in his face.

But also sit in the presence of God, and ask Him to make this your reality. Ask Him to help you become more aware of the lies within, and He will without any condemnation! (Resist imposing that upon yourself!) The Spirit’s job is to transform you by the renewing of your mind. It’s a move of God that you merely need to say yes to, and jump in the flow!

It will totally change how you perceive yourself, others, and all of life’s issues. Not only that, but you will even attract a whole new set of circumstances!   If you need support and accountability, let me know. That’s why I’m here.

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! God believes in you, and so do I!