As I was preparing this post, God kind of hijacked it! Hope you enjoy it!

God has destined us for greatness! That may be exciting to you… or overwhelming!

maryann-feeling-stuck_933x643Often in life I have found myself stuck under a rock of oppression, suppression, depression, or repression. Pressed down by guilt, fear, worry, perfectionism, other people’s stuff… I could not imagine “greatness.”  I could barely keep my head above water. “God, will You please just help me set my feet on some dry ground!!??  At this point I don’t really care about expressing my greatness or anyone else’s! I just want to be able to breathe freely!”

But God has way more than merely surviving for us. He has big plans. And it is love and mission, once breathed into us, that will inspire us to keep going. When we get revelation of this truth, we have a powerful weapon that will give us the victory.

friends saving westleyIn preparing this post, God directed me to this scene in “The Princess Bride,” (I love His humor) one of the best movies of all time. In it the lovely Buttercup is captured and brought to the pompous Prince Humberdinck. Westley, aka Farm Boy, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts, sets out to save her. The movie’s witty dialogue keeps us entertained throughout his escapades.

Eventually Westley is caught and then tortured in the Pit of Despair, and after experiencing life-sucking pain (literally) he is saved by his loyal friends.

Though “mostly dead,” Westley does not give up and decay in that pit, but rather devises a clever plan to rescue his beloved with his only remaining assets – his wit, heart, and mouth. Having a 7’7” giant friend helps, as well.

What drives Westley to not succumb to death? Love.  Westley’s greatness is tied to his mission to save his beloved Princess Buttercup.

Greatness is always tied to love and mission.buttercup and westely reunited

As the story goes, Westley’s friends strategically sneak him into the palace where Buttercup is being held hostage, places him on a bed in the Princess’s chambers, and they are poignantly (and humorously) reunited.

However, besides the fact that Westley is totally immobile there is one other small problem: Buttercup is betrothed to the dastardly Prince Humperdinck who plans on killing her immediately after they are married.  

The Prince enters Buttercup’s room, sees her with her dashingly handsome Westley, who she always claimed would come for her, and thus threatens to kill him.


if i use small wordsBut the Prince is no match for Westley’s mission, nor his mouth. Without moving a muscle except his tongue, Westley convinces Humperdinck that he will do strange and terrible things to him. With one seemingly effortless, and surprising,  move, Westley stands and commands the Prince to “Drop Your Sword.” Awesome scene.

Humperdinck immediately obeys Westley, promptly planting himself down in the chair as instructed, and allows this wisp of a girl to tie him up. Once Westley is assured that the prince is secured, he falls to the floor, causing the Prince to realize that he has indeed been outwitted and out-talked.

Westley completes his mission and he and Buttercup ride away on glorious white horses, together once again.  Ah… true love.together again

Our greatness is always tied to love and mission.

And … our mouths when spoken with truth and conviction are mighty weapons!

Love from God, for God, for ourselves, and each other is the power and motivating force to get out of the Pit of Despair and fulfill our mission. We need eyes to see.  Somehow, some way, you have something you are here on this planet to do. You bear amazing gifts within you that are meant to solve someone’s problem, improve someone’s life, or create something amazing.

Greatness isn’t just in the numbers, and your greatness will not look like someone else’s! It’s unique to you.  God has brilliantly made it that way so we do not covet and envy others’ gifts.

And point #2 – when in a bind… speak the truth. Take down the evil around you with powerful declarations of truth. You may feel incapacitated, too, but remember… NO weapon formed against you shall prosper! But instead, the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. Use it!

So now… Get a vision for why you are here, (2Pe 1:10  Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble) ,trust God with your mission, as well as all the resources you need, and go and live that Magnificent Life for which you were created! Are you getting excited?

You ARE More Than Enough! 


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