rest produes stunning resultsThe last time I sent out a blog post I shared with you how God was increasing my understanding about REST, something I am not apt to do very often! As a high achiever and business owner, there is always so much to do! You feel me?

But God has shifted my thinking quite successfully about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I am convinced His strategies are THE way to go!

I thought I would share some of that with you today as it has produced almost stunningly unbelievable results, and I know if you are in my community, I learn these things for your benefit as well as mine!

So once again, Hebrews 4:11 says, “Let us LABOR to enter His rest.” 

rest produes stunning results

Labor…that means work! I have determined that my primary work is to enter His rest. But what does that mean… exactly??!

Well, for me it means rather than rush off each morning and check my email, or FB posts, or write and prepare something, or call a potential client, or clean my house (uh… actually, no danger of that, LOL), I “work” at loving on the Lord, and letting Him love on me.

I “work” at taking the time to sit with Him and hear His strategies and solutions for by business and clients.

I “work” at feeling His heart and receiving His abundant supply, tangibly and intangibly.

I “work” at listening to His instructions when I am out and about as to how I am to bless people, encourage them, and bring His favor into various situations.

I also “work” at trusting His truth about me when people around me don’t treat me as well as God thinks I deserve.  (Yes, that happens!)

This “work” is far more effective, pleasant, and peaceful than much of the work I have done in the past!

Since I have committed to adopting His new way for me, the results have been astounding for my personal and business life.  Of course, I am happier and more confident. The clarity I possess and security I feel permeates every encounter and transaction.

But also, my clients are soaring in their purpose, new people are approaching me all the time asking for coaching/mentoring/speaking, (no matter what the venue!) and my finances have, well… doubled! It is nothing short of miraculous!

In addition, my many blunders have been turned into blessings! But that is for the next blog post!

It’s not like I didn’t know this before, or that I wasn’t seeing wonderful results in the past.

But there is a new level of belief, expectation, and fulfillment, and I have to say, as we all pursue the call on our lives, increase in influence, expand our eternal impact in the world, we leaders need to reach deeper into the heart and power of God like never before.

It is a new season. He is doing a new work in the earth. And if we want to be a part of it, without all the striving and stressing, we need to learn to enter His REST.

The call on my life is to elevate mission minded leaders and business owners to higher planes of effectiveness, prosperity, and influence. My mindset and practices have to support that good work, and so, I am always looking to Him to take me higher experientially so it agrees with where I am in truth.

Path ofthe sun

So, let me assure you, God has you, too, on a path.   He wants to demonstrate to you the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing riches of His free grace and favor. His heart is kind, good, and abundant toward you, (Eph 2:7 Amp), and has all you need and more to fulfill your heart’s desire and destiny.  May you labor to enter His rest about that!

Have A Magnificent Day!