Today’s article is to help you seize the truth about who you are, and consciously denounce the lies. There is so much power in taking a stand and agreeing with God, especially about who He says you are.  It will shift your whole direction and bring goodness into your path like nothing else!

Here’s the truth… You ARE highly favored, esteemed and honored by God, transfused with special honor, graceful, charming, lovely and agreeable.  And I say that on good authority. It’s in the word of God!

Ephesians 1:6  says we are ACCEPTED in the Beloved, the Lord Himself!  I used to think that because God was God, and He was love, that meant He HAD to love and accept me because that was His nature.  It didn’t really have anything to do with me, my value or worth, but only His sacrificial love… because, I (wrongly) believed, it had to be hard to love someone like me.

disappointed king dogI had known others in my life who would get frustrated, disappointed, and troubled by my being and the things I did, and so it was good news to know that as frustrated and disappointed as God was with me, at least He wouldn’t give up on me as others had.

I didn’t realize till years later that this belief was part truth — and part lie, and unfortunately it is a belief that gets passed around quite frequently in our Christian community, keeping many from boldly embracing all God has for us, which is one of biggest obstacles to us fulfilling our Destiny!


 Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, has said, “We ALWAYS act out of our SELF-UNDERSTOOD identity.”  And how we PERCEIVE ourselves is more mportant than who we REALLY are when it comes to how we experience life. Knowing who we are according to God and agreeing with Him, over and over, will transform our perceptions.

It is true. God will never leave us or forsake us. No matter what. No matter how disappointed or frustrated WE THINK He is with us. And it is His intensely passionate love for us that motivates Him. 

However… It is a lie that God is disappointed or frustrated with you! 

His love is the filter through which He sees you, and how does He see you? Highly favored, special, esteemed and honored, transfused with special honor, graceful, charming, lovely and agreeable.  THAT is what ACCEPTED in the Beloved means!

Well, I was shocked when I learned this. It did not fit with the perceptions I had adopted of me over the years.  To think that God sees me as special? That He in fact, esteems and honors … me? That in His eyes I am full of grace, I am charming and agreeable? 

And you are, too.

Now, please don’t go to the place many go to… well, if I’m so well perceived by God, then why aren’t I experiencing that? Or … isn’t He disappointed that I am not fulfilling my potential? Oh, boy… Here’s a tip: 

Focus on the truth and you will naturally experience it. God is not worried.

Spend time in His presence so He can convince you even more!

Today, this whole week, even…. let the Spirit of God renew your mind to this truth. Denounce unworthiness, disqualification, and that you are some kind of nuisance, freak, or bother.

Declaration for the Week

 Declare … I am lovely! I am charming! I am highly favored and qualified for all the abundant blessings, provision, and promises of God! Thank you, Lord for making me so! I agree! Enjoy and embrace who you are!

Go seize the day!