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Co-creating with God Audio Series

Are you one of the rare people who dares to believe God for the extraordinary – even the seemingly impossible.

Do you want a life of supernatural results and miracles galore? Of course you do!!

You are tired of eeking by and putting forth big efforts for little results… Especially when something inside you knows that with God, there is a life beyond the ordinary, more than your imagination can even think, and grander than your greatest desires!

At some level, you know that our God is an over the top God, a God who loves you without reserve or condition, a God who delights in your prosperity, and created you to enjoy His blessings and His presence.

But you also know that the world will tell you that you are crazy… manage your expectations, careful you don’t get disappointed, watch for the pitfalls, and follow the protocols.

Even many churches are, at best, double minded about what you can trust God for. Some times their whole approach seems focused on getting you to not sin rather than expect the supernatural from the One who loves you best! Yes, I said that!

Let me share with you some of the results students of the Co-creating Process have achieved with God:

  1. After months of unemployment, one woman found a job perfectly suited to her! Daring to believe she could have whatsoever she desired (Mk 11:24) and moving forward in the steps laid out, she co-created the perfect job.

  2. Another participant found the courage and finances to leave an abusive relationship, relocate, and co-create her new reality. Through the favor of God, a marvelous career opportunity opened up for her where she is making more than ever.

  3. And yet another was able to breakthrough old patterns and learn how to co-create a whole new inner experience that has resulted in long desired inner peace, increased energy, and way more time freedom, while effortlessly magnetizing new business opportunities to the point she has to hire more staff!

When you learn how to exercise your co-creating abilities, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you desire more fulfillment, more peace, more money, more energy, better relationships, uncanny wisdom, opportunities, or heart-swelling love – this course will expand your mind, deepen your love for God, yourself, and others, as well as open your heart to a whole new way of perceiving, receiving, and creating.

This could be one of the most empowering and inspiring courses you have ever taken!

So, what’s included?

Audios 1-8: Introducing the Co-creating with God Process, including the 5 Steps to Successful Co-Creation with God

Audios 9-12: Co-Creating Cash with God

Audios 13-17: Co-Creating Positive Outcomes for Your New Year with God

Audios 18-22: Co-creating Positive Relationships (even when they are difficult or estranged) with God

Each bite-sized, easily absorbed audio is about 10-15 min long, has a pdf transcript, if you prefer to read along, and inspiring lessons highlighted by fascinating, real life stories and scripture illustrations.

To give you a sample, here is Audio 1, your introduction to Co-Creating with God Audio Series

If you know there is more and want to massively level up your co-creating skills, join me on this fabulous journey, learning how to Co-create Extraordinary Results with God now!