If your score was between 15 and 30:

There is a magnificent life for which you have been created that is awaiting you, but do you feel like you might be in survival mode? In this state of mind, just getting by daily is a feat in itself.

If so, may I encourage you. I have been there, too. At one point, I couldn’t shake the image of us living in a cardboard box under a bridge! Dreams? What dreams? They had long ago been shelved.

This is not the kind of life God would have you live. As ridiculous as it seems, begin to dream again. Go to God and ask Him for some vision. And if you have a hint of belief that it can be different for you, then CLICK HERE and let’s get you started!! I know there is more for you!


If your score was between 31 and 47:

The concept of a Magnificent Life seems like a stretch for you. Maybe you didn’t even want to take this quiz, only to find out your life is… well, as you suspected…. less than stellar. It might have even triggered some frustration that you try and live with, because… you don’t want to complain.

But I suspect if you took this quiz, somewhere within, you know there is more for you. Despite that, you have no clue as to how to get there, or even if it’s really possible.

Well, it is possible. I have felt frustrated, inferior, inadequate, and not enough, too. It was not pretty. But God reworked my whole self-image, and with that my dreams came alive as well as a vivid way to fulfill them!

I have embraced me, my passionate purpose, and am living my dreams. God can do this for you, too!! Indeed, He desires to do so! If you need some help to see what you may not be able to, don’t wait any longer! CLICK HERE and let’s get you started! This is what I’m here for.


If your score was between 48 and 64:

Generally speaking, you have a great life!

You are on your way to experiencing a Magnificent Life and fulfilling your passionate purpose! Good Job!

However, there are probably a few areas in your life that have been overlooked and need some quality focus and attention. One of your strengths is that you keep a positive outlook, which is awesome, but that might tend to mask the need to address some of the holes.

Maybe you always feel pressed for time, or responsibilities, or money. Maybe you don’t know if you want to get any more successful because it just means more work, and how long can you sustain this, anyway? Maybe you wonder if there isn’t a better, less stressful way, without compromising on excellence.

Well, while I do not believe in pie in the sky, unrealistic thinking, I am committed to the notion that we don’t have to work as hard as we do to get stellar results and create magnificent lives. God is FOR us! And it’s His idea!

If you would like to know how to do maximize your efforts, have more peace, and enter the REST of God, CLICK HERE for personalized coaching! Your life is so worth it!


If your score was between 65 and 75:

You are rocking it! Your life sings! You go from glory to glory, revelation to revelation and feel totally blessed! You have a strong sense of who you are, why you are here, and where you are going.

You have a good support system, and people who love you. You feel well equipped and except for a few areas, you feel your life is p-r-e-t-t-y darn perfect!

You are ready to tackle the next level of Magnificence because you know, your life is an infinite upward ascent into greater and greater fulfillment and purpose. What’s next for you? CLICK HERE and let’s up level your life together!