revelation-of-restHi there! Yes, it’s been awhile since I posted and I’d like to explain why.

A while back you may remember I was going through a major shifting in my heart, my business, and well… every part of my life. I really didn’t know how to explain it…. well, in simple terms anyway. (Give me several days and I could do it justice… maybe… )

But I do now, and since we are celebrating Labor Day, it turns out to be a perfect time to tell you about it.

There are so many scriptures I could quote here that my hubby and I have been magnetically drawn to, but the one I’d like to highlight today is…. Let us LABOR to enter His REST … (from Heb 4:11).LABOR_to_enter_His_RESTWhat a contradiction in terms!

Well, I know it well. For a person like me: always on the go, striving for excellence, high achiever, do, do, do….. I most certainly have to work at entering His Rest!

But it has been the most rewarding time of my life this past year as I have submitted all my work, strategies, passion and purpose to the Lord. I have literally refused to post a thing, write a blog, go to a conference, put on an event, travel another mile, or speak to another group without getting a clear word from the Lord.

Being so directed has increased the flow of favor, finances, and most importantly LOVE! I know I’m stating the obvious, but I CAN TRUST HIM TO DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING!

Now, you may think… But Maryann, I’m surprised you don’t already know this!?

And my reply to you is: Yes! I do! But I found out that to REALLY know something I had to fully abandon myself to it, and wow! I ended up discovering all my hidden resistance to it!

too_tight_shoesWithout meaning to or realizing it, I had become more dependent on the world’s system of doing things, rather than His! Much of my dependency was because of wrong assumptions I bought on to, but that is for another post!

Anyway, I knew I needed a shift in my business. It had become harder than I thought it should. My brand, Worriers to Warriors, was feeling too limited.

Like wearing shoes that were too tight.

I was spending time with the Lord every morning, but it wasn’t as fruitful as it had been.

Our finances had reached an all time low and it was hard to recover from the loss of my husband’s business in 2011.

I admit, I was following too many other people’s advice and systems, looking for the answers.

But all of that set us up for some amazing revelations beginning in the early part of this year, not the least of which was the super REVELATION of REST and what that really means and how to enter into it.

great_ideaAnyway… I am so happy to say, that by RESTING in the TRUTH of who He is and who he is, my husband’s business has been more than restored! He is operating in his purpose and passion with a contract that has him going to his beloved Latin America on business often.

Living your dreams is awesome, but when you can get paid to do so… well, you know… even sweeter!

As Gene rested, the Lord showed my husband various blocks and false assumptions that had been embedded in his mind since childhood that were actually blocking the flow of blessings, and even contributed to his demise of this business!!

I am grateful that my husband allows me to be a vessel of enlightenment when it comes to resistance and obstacles, as that is my gift, and I just can’t help it!! How frustrating it would be for me to hold it all in, or if he was to get defensive or offended!

As for me, my brand has been expanded… YAY! And it fits so much better with who I am and what I do… and I am going to reveal it now!!


What do you think? I didn’t want to make this post about my new brand, but I felt like I have not been communicating well with you all and I wanted to give you a peek at why I have re-branded! 

More importantly, I just wanted to encourage you to seek God about LABORING to enter His REST.

Entering the Lord’s Rest has produced more in our hearts, our circumstances, our relationships, our finances, and opportunities than anything our striving could do!

God has given us Magnificent Lives of purpose, passion, identity, freedom, prosperity, and favor. And a vibrant, fulfilling relationship with the Almighty, through Christ, has been the foundational cornerstone of that life for us. May it be for you, too!