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30 Days to  Abundance Video Immersion Series Free! (Normally $497)

Each Negative, Unproductive Belief GONE!

When I first met Maryann I had big dreams but was pretty sure I didn’t have what it would take to attain them. In the time we’ve worked together, she has taken each negative, unproductive belief I’ve had that were keeping me stuck and interfering with my prosperity, held it up to the light, and helped me get rid of it. My attitude about everything has changed. It feels like being untethered from weights I have dragged around for years. My business has taken off, and I’m the happiest and most appreciative I’ve ever been.! Debbie McCormick, Linked Expert


Bonus: 30 Days to Abundance Video Immersion Series

$497 Value

Here is just a taste of what you’ll experience and learn …

How to open the portals of abundance and reign over your finances

How to trust when all hell is breaking loose, and come out the other side rocking it!

How to tap into infinite wisdom so decision making becomes easy

My signature proprietary process that quickly identifies false beliefs that are sabotaging your abundance

A proven technique that will take you from exhaustion to exhilaration in less than 30 minutes.

How to easily manifest what you desire, instead of tolerating whatever life throws at you

How to find your center and act out of alignment so that whatever you do prospers

How to change limiting beliefs into new empowered ones so you are not run ragged by your subconscious, but confidently create your own reality

How to simply merge neuroscience, quantum physics, and spiritual principles to transform your wildest dreams into reality.

How to monetize your passion and finally create your lifestyle business

How the power of love leads you to your soul mate clients and attracts them to you faster than any other method

3 tools to clear resistance so your ideal clients can easily find you and refer you to others

How to gain brilliant clarity about your client’s challenges and hidden desires so you can articulate it until they raise their hands and say, “That’s me!”

Why your story matters and how it magnetizes your perfect audience

Common myths about money and how the truth brings more prosperity and fulfillment

How to embrace your true value and worth without feeling like a fraud

How God feels about prosperity so you can receive yours guilt free and without hesitation

A love-based approach to your business that will connect you easily with just the right opportunities

The one thing you have to do first so you can release the power of affirmations

How people pleasing sabotages your abundance, freedom, and joy and how to create win/win relationships instead

How to identify and resolve low energy guilt, shame, and resentment so your abundance is not hindered and limited.

I, and those who have taken this course, have:

Received random checks in the mail

Acquired a gorgeous home by the beach… a 20 year dream realized

Been treated to an all expense paid trip to a luxurious resort – anonymously!

Attracted high end clients out of “nowhere,” even after years of no activity

Doubled their monthly income without changing anything, except beliefs!

Discovered their purpose and are now living it, on stage!

Been relieved of a long time, painful health issue

And these are just a few of the results!

Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have been so fortunate to witness magical transformations within my clients, which have produced magnificent breakthroughs in finances, health, and relationships. Indeed, some shifts occurred so fast that students have called it miraculous!

Creates Abundance in My Life!

I love working with Maryann! She has been a huge support in my mind shift and in letting go of old limiting beliefs! She covers spirituality to finances which is important in my life!

The 30 day program was fabulous! I highly recommend it! Since then my business and global presence has grown!  Creating abundance through positive thinking and coming from love is now a way of life! 💕💕 Clara Berta, Artist, Berta Art Studio

  90 Min Private Breakthrough Session w Maryann 


Normally $797

PLUS!! Bonus 30 Days to Abundance Video Series   

The 30 Days T0 Abundance Video Series Includes:

1. 22 Love-Empowered Videos with Step by Step Instructions

2. Downloadable PDF Worksheets for Each Video with Time Stamped Topics.

Most of the lessons reveal my signature processes only shared with my high level 1:1 clients!


Here’s a sampling of what you will learn!

Day 1: Overview and Training. Abundance is available to us all. Why then do we not all have it? Learn how and why our beliefs create our reality. Identify your limiting beliefs in this step by step process.

Day 2:  Transforming Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Ones. Many people talk about limiting beliefs, but few lead you through a proven process of transforming them! This video is right on time!

Day 3: Manifesting Secrets. Manifesting what you truly desire requires certain simple and easy to incorporate elements.

Day 4: The Power of Decision. This is not what you think! Learn the transforming distinction between the decision ABOUT versus the decision TO DO, and how it affects your abundance.

Day 5: Freedom from People Pleasing. Believe it or not, people pleasing can sabotage your abundance! Learn how to shift this without guilt or shame!

Day 12: Upgrade Your Money Mindset: We all have money stories we grew up with. These lessons help you identify yours, but also tackling them successfully.

Day 18: Freedom from Resentment: You don’t need to be a martyr. Learn how to give of your resources from overflow, not obligation!

Day 22: Dream Clients: If you are in business, attracting your dream clients, rather than hunting them down, is so much more pleasant. In the next few lessons, you will learn a proven method of releasing resistance and being a client magnet.

Day 25: Your Big WHY: Everyone has a story, and locked within it, is our big Why. Y26our Why matters and is magnetic! Discover yours.

Day 26: Get Back to Love. Get Better Results: Feeling loved is key to everything. It is a powerful force within each of us. Learn how to tap in.

And so much more!!!

How Much Is Abundance in Every Area of Life and
Business Worth to You?

Private coaching clients invest up to $30,000 to work with me.  Besides the peace of mind and joy they experience, everyone, without exception, clears up false beliefs and expands their hearts in order to  open the floodgates to their abundance.

But I know some people are not ready for private coaching with me.

I debated how much to charge for this.  The course includes over 50 hours of my time, and that includes only preparation and the videos themselves.  It doesn’t even include all the daily bonus PDFs and all the time I and my team invested putting those together. At my normal rate of $1000/session, this equals at least $50000 in Value.

But my goal is to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

Living in daily abundance changes EVERYTHING!  From your attitude to your income…and everything in between.

An Abundant Soul creates an Abundant Life.

Immerse yourself for best results!


Get your life back, eliminate worry, and finally experience the financial freedom you’ve been longing for!

You deserve it.

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Here’s What Others are Saying About Me…

Such a shift in my business and life!

Through working with Maryann, my business has increased, my prices have increased, and the quality of people I am attracting has very much increased!  I am having a ball living out my passion. I recommend Maryann as a necessary companion to joyful growth and expansion in every sense of the word. J Leslie Sharp, Musician, Coach, Producer (30 Day to Abundance and membership client)

Identified and Changed Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding Me Back

Through Maryann’s program I learned how to identify and change limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. My life has been devoted to self development, but these were so deeply buried that nothing had dislodged them yet.  However, working with Maryann was a turning point for me.  Miracles, upgrades, and abundance continue to pour in.  I am grateful beyond words. Janus Laughingbear Blume (30 Day Abundance program)

Creates Abundance in My Life!

I love working with Maryann! She has been a huge support in my mind shift and in letting go of old limiting beliefs! She covers spirituality to finances which is important in my life!

The 30 day program was fabulous! I highly recommend it! Since then my business and global presence has grown!  Creating abundance through positive thinking and coming from love is now a way of life! 💕💕 Clara Berta, Artist, Berta Art Studio

Only 3 days after implementing just one of Maryann’s strategies, a precious dream that I’ve had for over 12 years came true!!  I cried!

I invested in one of Maryann’s programs and it changed my life! She helped me identify the root reason for what has been getting in the way of completing my goals and what I desire most. Being clear about what I wanted to achieve was a breakthrough in itself, but then to put an inspired plan together for my increased income goals that I can actually achieve with her accountability is huge! But even more, after implementing just one of her strategies, a 12 year old dream I have longed for came true!! Maryann is such an inspiration to me!! Benelly Curioso, Certified Medical Interpreter

After Maryann identified subconscious blocks and actionable strategies, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap!”

Maryann is not only a master at bringing to the surface subconscious blocks, but coming up with actionable strategies for helping you moving forward quickly.

She gave me the tools I needed to stay elevated and on track. And by opening up the flow, I have had several new contracts just “fall into my lap.  Dr. Patty Malone, President, Clear Communications Institute,